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The College of Engineering at NAU is located in Pukou, Nanjing , which is on the north bank of the Yangtze River and on a 716 acre beautiful campus surrounded by mountains. From its beginnings, the College has sought to be excellent in both teaching and research. It has now secured its place as one of the China 's leading research in agricultural engineering, which also is one of the leading and initial engineering colleges in China .

The College from its first establishment to the present has experienced a long history and changed for several timeswhich can be traced its origin back to the two Departments of Agricultural Engineering at Central National University and Nanking University in 1940s. It is one of the earliest establishments in the field of agricultural engineering in China . The initial foundation of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization was given approval by the government in 1952, which was constituted by the two earliest departments of agricultural engineering belonged to the former Central University and Jinling University , and it is also one of the original places and cradles in the field of discipline in agricultural engineering in China . In 1958, the Department and the former Nanjing School of Agricultural Mechanization were merged to form Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization College which was attached to Nanjing Agricultural College . The College moved to Zhenjiang in 1970, which incorporated Zhenjiang Institute of Agricultural Machinery ( Jiangsu University named now). In 1985, College of Agricultural Engineering was founded in Pukou, Nanjing . And in 2000, it formerly changed its name to the College of Agricultural Engineering , Nanjing Agricultural University . With an outstanding reputation in agriculture engineering in China , the College has been at the forefront of developments in agriculture engineering and manufacture ever since. Fusing into and serving agriculture is our key standpoint to develop our subjects and disciplines.


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