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The College has become increasingly popular with students, the student population, in 2013, which is over 5,620 of whom 370 are postgraduates, more than 5250 full-time undergraduate students. To date, it is comprised of 5 departments with 12 disciplines, offering a comprehensive rang of research programmes (MSc, PhD), providing 1 post-doctoral research station in agricultural engineering, 1 key discipline doctoral base for agricultural engineering, 9 master’s programs in disciplines including Manufacturing & automatic, 1 Jiangsu provincial laboratory of modern facility agricultural teleology & equipment engineering. In addition, it also runs 12 undergraduate programs and has a strong track record of collaborating with industrial partners through both research and teaching activities as well. Some departments also collaborate on a number of national or internationally-significant joint research programmes. The Agricultural Mechanization & Automation is as the key national discipline, and the Agricultural Electrification & Automation is the provincial subject. The College hosts two national-level courses for Excellence in Agricultural Mechanics and Automobile Tractor Science.


The educational system of three modules including basic education, professional education and development education has been established for new teaching methods. We encourage the students to have an interdisciplinary study, and have the opportunity for the outstanding undergraduates to enroll graduate school without taking the national entrance examination for postgraduate.


The College always require the students to participate in research training project, SRT, with supporting SRT 140 projects per year, and 660 students approximately involve in it. Students are encouraged to participate in various academic competitions, and research and other related activities, as a result, with the theoretical knowledge and practical application putting together, the students' creative thinking has been greatly nurtured.

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