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Research Groups

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Research Team I: Theory and Technology of Modern Agricultural Equipment  

Leader researcher: Changying Ji      

Tel: 13951994628;

Fields of research: Soil-machine system,  Key technologies of intelligent Agricultural equipment.      

About the team:The research team has been engaging in research on theory and technology of modern agricultural equipment . It has undertaken more than 20 research projects, including projects of National Natural Science Foundation and national 863 plan.The team has a wealth of relevant research experience and has formed certain influence in relevant research fields. The relative complete basic facilities  and  apparatus have been accumulated for basic theory study and product development of agricultural machinery through years of research work, which include research institute of intelligence ,agricultural automation laboratory, soil mechanics laboratory and various instrument and equipment such as different industrial cameras, GPS navigation positioning system , 2 dimensional laser ranging instrument, soil bin, related force and displacement sensors and complete set of instruments for paddy soil mechanical properties measurement both in laboratory and in field.      

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:      

1.             Mechanical properties of high straw content soil and its interaction with tillage machinery, Supported by National Natural Science Foundation

2.             The mechanism of cutting and failure of rheological soils and design of soil working parts, Supported by National Natural Science Foundation  

3.             Mechanization production of field lotus and industrialization development, Supported by three project engineering program  

4.             Study on intelligent feeding system for aquaculture based on internet of things, Supported by industry-universities-research institute program of         Jiangsu     province  

5.             research on dynamic probabilistic graphical models  of agricultural robots, Supported by National Natural Science Foundation  

6.             Study on large scale terrain reasoning for agricultural robot navigated by stereo vision ,Supported by  Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province    

7.             Study on grabbing of robots for  deformable  and  easily damaged agricultural materials, Supported by foundation of doctoral discipline  

8.             System integration  and demonstration of Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and controlling system based on wireless sensor network,    

9.             Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and controlling system based on wireless sensor network integration demonstration, Supported by agricultural technology supporting program of         Suzhou     .  

Representative achievements:

1.       Soil failure patterns and draft as influenced by consistency limits:A evalution of the remolded soil cutting test.soil & tillage research,2014,137:58-66  


3. Finite element simulation of soil failure patterns under soil bin and field testing conditions[J]. Soil & Tillage Research, 2014,(145):157-170

4.  A wheeled mobile robot for harvesting  fruitsZL20110021812.0 Invention Patent

5.  A platform of intelligent agricultural mobile robot. ZL200810122931.3 Invention Patent



            Research Team II: Soil, Crop and Machinery Systems Engineering

Leader researcher: Qishuo Ding

Tel: 15850723939    

Field of research: soil-machinery system, crop-machinery system, intelligent agricultutral machinery systems, field crops phenotyping engineering    

About the team: Focusing on the basic plant production environmental elements, e.g. soil, biomass, water, light and temperature, the team investigates applied engineering theories and methodologies to evaluate, regulate and optimize the soil, hydraulic and light environment for improved plant production. Principle and technologies of machine design, solid and liquid mechanics, thermodynamics, machine vision and measurement and control will be applied to regulate physical environment for plant production. So that individual environmental factors and its relation to field crop performance is to be quantified, and the interactions and the coupling effects among each environmental factors are to be illustrated. Emphasis is to be made on the provision of engineering solutions for improved plant production environment.    

The due objective of the team is to promote modern agriculture for more precise, resource-effective and environmental-friendly. It has been conducting systematic researches on soil physics, mechanical design, mechanics, measurement and control technology, optics and graphics, promoting the recognition and development of plant production environment from the engineering perspective, and proposing optimization strategies to realize the high-yield, high-quality and high-efficiency environment and to develop tillage and cultivation, and plant physiological ecology by engineering technologies.  

In recent years, the team has been researching on the soil physics of rice-wheat production system, machine-soil relation, wheat-after-rice tillage and planting, and virtual wheat planting. It has been progressing in research on paddy soil physio-mechanical properties, development of equipment for small-plot precision tillage, and quantification of three-dimensional wheat root system architecture, therefore to improve, regulate and optimize the soil physics, light, water and temperature in rice-wheat system through modern engineering technologies.  

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:      

1.Mechanical model of paddy soil load and failure and its application, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014.1-2014.12.

Representative achievements:      

1.       Dimensional fractal of post-paddy wheat root architecture. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 2015. 6.

2.       Visulization of post-paddy wheat rooting system and 3-D fractal dimension. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery, 2015,46(3):328-335.

3.       Effect of stratified rotary tillage on paddy soil physics. Journal of             Nanjing             Agricultural             University       , 2015 (in press).

4.       Evaluation and comparison of straw incorporation effect with down-cut and up-cut rotary tillage. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2015(in press).

5.       Measurement and analysis of 3D wheat root system architecture with a virtual plant tool kit. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 2014, 47(8):1481-1488.



Research Team III: Tractor Electronic Control Technology

Leader researcher: Zhixiong Lu    

Tel: 13951715780    

Fields of research: Tractor hydraulic steering-by-wire technology and equipment, tractor electric hydraulic hitch technology and equipment, tractor CAN technology, tractor autonomous navigation technology, and tractor Internet-of-Machines technology.    

About the team: Formed in October, 2003, the NAU Tractor Electronic Control Technology research team has a faculty of more than 20 members, including 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 6 lecturers and more than 10 postgraduates. To meet the development of tractor technology and the social demand, the team is studying and applying tractor electronic control technology, covering tractor hydraulic steering-by-wire technology, tractor electric hydraulic hitch technology, tractor CAN technology, tractor autonomous navigation technology, and tractor Internet-of-Machines technology and integrated information system, and has developed several tractor electronic control systems.    

Recently, the team has cooperated with a company and has completed the algorithm optimization and system implementation of indoor location system. It also has developed Erhai Lake Basin Information System in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Bureau of Dali Prefecture Government of Yunan Province. In recent the past three years, the team has been committed to 5 provincial and national programs and 2 enterprise-and-institution-cooperated programs, has published more than 40 papers and obtained more than 10 patents and software copyrights, has won the National Agricultural Science and Technology Award for Science Popularization (2012-2013), has developed a National High-quality Online Course, and has been awarded 3 Jiangsu provincial and NAU Teaching Achievement Prizes. Now, it has been cooperating with many research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad to conduct researches on tractor electronic control technology in hope of promoting the tractor technology in      China   and its international competitiveness.    

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.         Research and development of tractor plowing depth automatic control device, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Key Technologies (Agriculture) R&D Program, 2012.7-2015.6;  

2.         Research on the mechanism of effective roughness formation under condition of agricultural vehicle-road contact coupling, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012.1-2015.12;  

3.         Modeling of the roughness of cultivated soil and research on mechanism of its formation, supported by the Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China, 2011.1-2013.12;  

4.         Development and industrialization of full-frame tractors, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Specialized Research Fund for commercialization of research outputs, branch project, 2010.1-2014.12;  

5.         Research on key autonomous working technology of farmland vehicles on the basis of machine vision. Project supported by the Research Fund for Public Institutions under Central Government, 2011.1-2013.12.  

Representative achievements:    

1.         “Graphic of common fault diagnosis and elimination in small four wheel tractor and other farm transportation vehicles” was given The National Agricultural Science and Technology Award for Science Popularization (2012-2013);    

2.         "Study On The Electro-Hydraulic Loading System Based On Hydraulic Steering By-Wire Test-Bed " won the 2014 annual         Jiangsu         Province     outstanding master thesis (100 thesis);  

3.         “Reconstruction of ploughing soil surface with 3D fractal interpolation” won first prize for outstanding papers (2010-2014),         China     society of agricultural machinery, 2014.9  

4.         The chief communications experts by the Jiangsu Association of science and technology, 2014.5.14  

5.         A tractor's power integrated control device. The patent No.: ZL 201420373807.5  


Research Team IV: Processing & Detection Technologies and Equipment of Agricultural Products

Leader researcher: Kunjie Chen  



Fields of research:Agricultural products processing and nondestructive detection technologies; Intelligent equipment of processing, detection and classification for agricultural products

About the team:This innovation team focus on agricultural products processing and nondestructive detection. And has undertaken more than twenty research subjects such as The National Natural Science Foundation, national science & technology project, public sector (agriculture) projects, 948 , Jiangsu Province natural science foundation and Jiangsu Province science and technology project etc.. The team has rich experiment in related research and  has established its particular research areas. After years of work, the team has a good research and experimental condition. At present, the team has a professional laboratory of agricultural product processing and detection which is equipped by spectral analysis, quality inspection and routine chemical analysis Instrumentand equipment more than 80 sets, and has required research personnel and platform for agricultural product processing and detection.

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:  

1.       “automatic grading methods of beef quality based on machine vision and fractal analysis” National natural science foundation 31071565  

2.       “study and  technologies and equipment of losses reducing and grading of slaughtered livestock and poultry”  public sector (agriculture) projects  201303083  

3.       “Introduction and innovation of key technologies of automatic fryer of oil-water separation”  2013 the introduction of international advanced agricultural science and technology (948) project  

4.       “Study on the technology of high efficient utilization of crop straw feed”       Jiangsu     province science and technology support program  BE2010356  

5.       Research and Application of on-line detection key technologies of Contaminations Remaining on the Surface of Poultry Carcass. Science and technology support program         Jiangsu     province BE2014708  

6.       On the Vacuum freeze dehydration process and quality control technology of Doudan  The Joint research project of Jiangsu Province   BY2014094  

Representative achievements over the past three years:  

1.       Prediction of troponin-T degradation using color image texture features in 10d aged beef longissimus steaks. Meat science, 2014, 96(2), 837-842.    

2.       Predicting beef tenderness using color and multispectral image texture features. Meat Science, 2012(4): 382-393.    

3.       Tracking the dehydration process of raw honey by synchronous two-dimensional near infrared correlation spectroscopy   Journal of Molecular Structure2014(1076) 42–48.  

4.       Determining the Optimal Drying Conditions for GBR with Specific Reference to Quality, Drying Rate, and Energy Consumption. ASABE, 2012,55(5):1891-1896.;  

5.       A Dual-Band Algorithm to Detect Contaminants with Low Visibility on Chicken Carcas Surface   Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis  2014, 34(12):3363-3367  

6.       A processing device of germinated brown rice  NoZL2013 2 0641162.7  

7.       A Frequency and Voltage Regulating Device of poultry electric hemp machine NoZL201420004805.9  



            ResearchTeam V: Innovation design of mobile operation machine

Leader researcher: SihongZhu,


Email :    

Fields of research:The vibration reduction technology of mobile operation machine; The hybrid technology of mobile operation machine by mechanical,electrical and hydraulic.    

About the team: The team of ” Innovation design of mobile operation machine” are composed of 20 middle-aged and young teachers and enterprise technical staff .There are a professor, eight associateprofessors and eleven lecturers. The staff may increase or decrease according to the change of the research topic .We are major in the theory of vibration , cushiontechnique, CVT technology, mechanical and electrical hydraulic hybrid technology, modeling design and the ergonomics research about tractor, combine harvester, ricetransplanter, crushing device, and Garbage sweeper. Our goal is to create the machine dynamic branch "mobile machine dynamics" homework, research of mobile operation machine vertical dynamics, driving dynamics and control dynamics; build mobile operation machine new damping system, a new type of drive system, new type of transmission system and the new control system; developing the neoteric machine that fit the development of national economy and has a nice market prospect..    

The key projects and topics undertake a major nearly three years:      

1.         The ministry of education's return personnel's starting fund project: The research of agricultural vehicle vibration and measures to reduce vibration.  

2.         The project of         Jiangsu     province science technology hall:the development of the branch rinder.  

3.         The ministry of education funded project for excellent young university teachers:the research of agricultural vehicles intelligent vibration system and key components.    

4.         The child subject of "Eleventh Five-year" plan key projects supported by national science and technology: the research of precise high speed transplanter for super rice.    

5.         The child subject of "Eleventh Five-year" plan projects supported by science and technology: drive train internal hydraulic system research of dynamic measurement,  

6.         Agricultural machinery of san-xin project in         Jiangsu     province: facility agriculture with micro electric tractor and matching device research and development.  

7.         The"948"project of agricultural development: the introduction of large tractor automatic shift gearbox, and research and development.  

8.         Jiangsu province development of transformation of scientific and technological achievements in         Jiangsu     province special fund project: all frame type high-power wheeled tractor research and industrialization.  

9.         Jiangsu union innovation fund project: agricultural facilities with electric tractors and form a complete set of equipment research and development.  

10.     The national natural science fund project:for paddy field operating mode of the tractor Vibration  theory and application research.    

The representative research in nearly three years:      

1.         Effects of tyre inflation pressure and forward speed on vibration of an unsuspended tractor[J]. Journal of Terramechanics, 2013, 50 (3):185-198  

2.         JL      75G   - 60 type nc high speed precision power press, the third prize of the         China     machinery industry science and technology prize, 2013  

3.         110-440 horsepower KAT series of high-power wheel tractors in        China   , progress prize in science and technology of mechanical industry in         jiangsu     province first prize, 2013  

4.         JL      75G   - 60 type nc high speed precision power press, machinery industry in         jiangsu     province science and technology progress second prize, 2013  

5.         Key technology of Big horse power full type tractor and its’industrialization,             Jiangsu       provincial science and technology award third prize, 2014.    




Research Team VI: AdvancedManufacturingTechnology

Leader researcher: Min Kang

Tel: 025-58606667(O), 13851515041(M)    

Fields of research: Nontraditional machining technology research, mechatronics technology research and its equipment development  

About the team: The team is made up of 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 4 lecturers, and more than 10 Ph. D and master students. The team takes depends on mechanical manufacture, mechanical and electronic engineering subject, and the experimental teaching center and non-traditional machining laboratory in the department of mechanical engineering, the main research works focus on the scientific research and technology innovation on new machining technology  of difficult-to-machine materials, mechanical and electronic equipment design and manufacturing. The research and application of the key technologies, including numerical control electrochemical machining, ultrasonic electrochemical composite machining, high speed jet-electro deposition, slow tool servo turning, are carried on. The machining tools of these technologies are developed. The team has undertaken more than 10 research projects from the province and city level, and obtained 15 national patents, and published more than 100 papers, and more than 40 articles included SCI, EI, ISTP etc.    

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.  Xingsheng WangXiuqing FuChunlin LiMin Kang. Tool path generation for slow tool servo turning   of complex optical surfaces. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology2015DOI 10.1007/s00170-015-6846-3.  

2.   Xingsheng WangMin KangXiuqing FuChunlin Li. Predictive modeling of surface roughness in lenses precision turning using regression and support vector machines. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology2013DOI 10.1007/s00170-013-5231-3.  

3.   Xingsheng WangYouqiang XingMarco Giovannini.Effect of overlap and overscan number in laser surface texturing of medical needles. Applied Physics A Materials Science& Processing2015DOI 10.1007/s00339-015-9157-5.  

4.   Wang Ying, Kang Min, Jin Shi Wei, Fu Xiu Qing, Wang Xing Sheng. Electrochemical behaviour in process of electrodeposition Ni-P alloy coating, Surface Engineering. 2014, 30(8): 557-561  

5.   Wang Ying, Kang Min, Jin Shi Wei, Fu Xiu Qing. Dynamic Parameters of Jet Electrodeposition for Ni-P Alloy, Asian Journal of Chemistry. 2014, 26(17): 5415-5418  




Research Team VII: Composites    

Leader researcher: Chunxia He    

Tel: 13813973176    

Fields of research: bio-composite and polymer compositeMajor projects    

About the team:1. Research on compound farming technology and equipment for straw returning, deep rotary tillage, fertilizing and sowing in rice-wheat rotation areas, supported by the National Key Technologies R&D Program branch project.    

Representative achievements:

1.         Science and Technology Progress Award – The impact test of ××× decoy system and its engineering application. The third prize of the P.L.A. Science and Technology Progress Award (2012). Ranking: 3/7. December, 2012.  

2.         The rheological property of potato starch adhesives. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2014, 6 (2): 275–279  

3.         The performance of polypropylene wood-plastic composites with different rice straw contents using two methods of formation. FOREST PRODUCTS JOURNAL, 2013, 63 (1/2): 61-66;    

4.         Decorative materials from rice straw and cornstarch adhesives. FOREST PRODUCTS JOURNAL, 2012, 62 (2): 150-156;    

5.         Research on influencing factors on agricultural mechanization in         Jiangsu     province based on SPSS multiple regression analysis. Journal of Chinese Agricultural Mechanization, 2014, 35 (3): 263-267  

6.         Microscopic structure quantitative analysis of Wheat straw/polypropylene composites based on angle measure technique method. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2013, 29 (8): 258-266  

7.         Properties of PP wood-plastic composites with different processing methods. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2012, 28 (15):145-150;    

8.         Study on integrated properties of PP composites filled with rice husks powder. Advanced Materials Research, 2011, 217-218: 347-352  



Research Team Ⅷ: Innovation of products development and interaction design    

Leader researcher: Qingchun Shi    

Tel: 18951617142    

Field of research: Products development; Interaction design    

About the team: The product development and interaction innovation design team of             Nanjing             Agricultural             University       , advocated by associate Professor Shi Qingchun who came from the industrial design department. It aims to take discipline construction as the guide, basing on the school platform, taking science and technology as a link, focusing on the requirements of national, provincial and city social economy development strategy needs and the school long-term technology development planning, innovating talent training mechanism and the team spirit of innovation, condensing outstanding innovative talents, promoting science and technology innovation ability and competitiveness. Now, there are 9 people that are tow professors and seven lecturers in the team. All of them have doctor, master’s degree or above. The team has finished a number of national and provincial projects in recent years, and published more than 30 papers, obtained more than 10 patents of nation. Meanwhile they cooperated with many enterprises, developed more than 10 products successfully, and gradually formed a complete set of production, learning and research cooperation system and a high educated, high-quality , efficient and innovative team of technical staff.    

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.         The agricultural electric tractor and equipment research and development, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Program for New Equipment, New Technology and New Mode.    

2.         The development of 2BMZF type elastic clamping type no tillage precision seeder, supported by the Agricultural Machinery Program of Jiangsu Province Lianyungang City Science and Technology Bureau for New Equipment, New Technology and New Mode.  

3.         The development of machine with simple type rotary tillage and ridging fertilizer precise seeder, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Program for New Equipment, New Technology and New Mode.    

4.         Greenhouse air curtain type electrostatic spraying technology research and equipment development, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Program for New Equipment, New Technology and New Mode.  

5.         Cultivation cost saving equipment research and development and application, supported by the Agricultural research project of Jiangsu Province Lianyungang City Science and Technology Bureau.    

Representative achievements:    

1.         Quantitative analysis and design on souvenirs modeling based on         Nanjing     image[J]. Journal of machine design, 2013, 30(10): 122-125.  

2.         Ergonomics evaluation method of tractor cab based on Pro/E Manikin [J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2013, 29(9):32-38.  

3.         Research on hybrid modeling method based on platform of Creo Parametric software [J]. Journal of machine design, 2013, 2(2):105-107.  

4.         Research of brand identity oriented SME product DNA design [J]. Journal of machine design, 2014, 31(9): 105-108.  

5.         Design Theory and Method for Drive Train of Hybrid Electric Tractor[J].  Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2012, 43(8):24-31.  

6.         Working Simulation and Test of Electric Tractor Based on Virtual Instrument, 2012 The 3rd International Conference on Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering, July 27th-29th, 1205-1208.  




Research Team Ⅸ : Theory of Planting and Harvester Machinery & Measuement and Control Technology      

Leader researcher:Wenqing Yin  


Fields of research:Design Theory of Planting and Harvester Machinery, Three-dimensional Reconstruction Techniques of Agricultural Biology Environment.  

About the team:According to agriculturalproduction needs,the theory, key and advanced technologies of dryland automatictransplantingmachine, grain harvester and Agricultural Biology Environment three-dimensional reconstruction are focused on. The team is combined with 6 Colleagues, among them there are one professor, three associate Professors and four doctorates. The projects of              Jiangsu       province natural science foundation and agricultural engineering were conducted successively. More than 50 papers were published and more than 10patents were achieved. Awide range of cooperation with agricultural machinery enterprises were established. The The developed2ZQnapustransplantingmachine and Plug seedlings automaticfeedingsystem have passed thetechnical Identification and reached advanced domesticlevel.The innovative researchteam has professional background, reasonable agestructure and harmonious atmosphere.

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:

1.       Jiangsu     Province     Agricultural Engineering Projects: The experiment and demonstration of mechanization & information technology  in facility vegetable production    

2.       Enterprise Commission: Design of  basket-style transplanting machine    

3.       Enterprise commission: Devoloping of the control system for sugar cane planting machine  

Representative achievements:      

1.         Zhang Meina,Yin Wenqing,Lin Xiangze,Lv Xiaolan. A Method for Calculating Navigation Parameters Via RTK- DGPS Fusing Inertial Sensor  for Agricultural Vehicle. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2015,31(3).  

2.         Fu Lihail,YIN Werrqing. Optimization for Closed-Loop Surface Plasmon Resonance Fiber-0ptic Refractive Index Sensors Based on Tapered Probes.Acta Phottonica Sinica,2015,44(2)  

3.         Qian Yan,Yin Wenqing, Lin Xiangze, Ding Yongqian, Fen Xuebin.Variety identification of rice seed based on three-dimensional reconstruction method of sequence images. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2014,30(7).  

4.         Fu Lihui, Yin Wenqing. Investigation Sensors on On-Line Optical Fiber Surface Based on Frequency Modulation Plasma Resonance Spectroscopy. Acta OPtica Sinica,2013,33(6).  

5.         Meina Zhang, Xiangze Lin,Wenqing Yin. An improved tuning method of fractional order proportional differentiation (FOPD) controller for the path tracking control of tractors.  Biosystems Engineering, 2013,116(4).  


Research Team X:Detection Technology and Automation Equipment

Leader researcher: Mingxia Shen    

Tel: 13851718164

Fields of research:Facility farming automation device research and development, intelligent detection of Produce quality equipment research and development.    

About the team: The research team has been committing to automation technology,micro-electronics technology and communication technology in the application of agriculture field. The team which presided over the 863,ministry of science and technology fund projects and a variety of national provincial projects, concise three key research directions including facility farming automation, intelligent facilities planting and rapid quality intelligent detection of farming products. It is a multidisciplinary cross detection technology and automation equipment team of research and development and marketing,which was awarded the science and education system of             Jiangsu       province “female” pacesetter hills. In recent years, fourteen national invention patents, eleven utility model patents,six national computer software copyright and published over 90 papers including SCI, EI retrieval of more than 30 papers was awarded. To obtain the ministry of agriculture science and technology achievements appraisal and Jiangsu agricultural machinery appraisal station achievements appraisal.Owning intelligent greenhouse demonstration base of Jurong in Jiangsu province, modern agriculture IOT agricultural demonstration base in Dongbang of Changshu,intelligent rice cultivation base in Houbai of Jiangsu province,agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology LTD intelligent welfare pig demonstration base,and other scientific research bases.    

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:      

1.         Research on the key technology of remote senescing,geographical information system and global positioning system for agriculture based on embedded mobile intelligent service system,supported by the National 863 Program project .  

2.         Development a monitoring system for the growth parameters of butterfly orchid based on internet of things and intelligent control technology, supported by the         Jiangsu     province science and technology project.  

3.         Research and implementation for key technology of facility agriculture with Internet of things, supported by the         Jiangsu     province department of production, joint innovation fund projects.    

4.         Development the demonstration and application for beef quality intelligent classification system based on machine vision technology, supported by the National agricultural science and technology achievements transformation project.  

5.         Development the application and demonstration for milk quality control technology based on Internet of things technology, supported by the Ministry of science and technology agricultural achievements transformation project.    

6.         Research and demonstration of the key technology of welfare of livestock and poultry breeding system, supported by the special public welfare industry research project.    

Representative achievements:      

1.         Design of terminal based on embedded Linux in beef carcass quality measurement  system[J].Science and Technology of Food Industry,2012,33(7):336-339.    

2.         Prediction of Beef Tenderness Based on Image Texture Features[J].Food Science,2012,33(15):61-65.    

3.         A Segmentation Method for Fascia Recognition in Color Beef Ribeye Image Based on Modified Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm[J].Food Science, 2012, 33(19):67-70.    

4.         Wu Haijuan, Peng Zengqi, Shen Mingxia, Liu Yingying, Qiu Jinhong, Shi Jie. Application of Machine Vision Technology in Beef Marbling Recognition[J].Food Science,2011,323:10-13.  

5.         Ruggedness of 2D code printed on grain tracers for implementing a prospective grain traceability system to the bulk grain delivery system[J]. Food Control,2013,33:359-365.  

6.         Ruggedness of 2D code printed on grain tracers for implementing a prospective grain

7.         Traceabilitysystem to the bulk grain delivery system[J]. Food Control,2013,33:359-365.    

8.         An automatic on-line grading system for classification of Chinese high marble beef based on machine vision[C] The 2nd International Conference on Beef Cattle Improvement and Industrialization in China 2013 Symposium of Cattle Science Branch,CAAV.    

9.         Printing Data Matrix code on food-grade tracers for grain traceability [J]. Biosystems Engineering,2012,113:395-401.    

10.     An automated acquisition and transmission system for tracing grain to field position based on two-dimensional barcode and ARM[J].Transaction of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2012, 28Supp 2:167-171.  

11.     Roughness measurement of tracers for grain traceability and effect of formation pressure and constituent formulation[C]  

12.     2012 ASABE Annual International Meeting, Paper Number: 121338313.    

13.     Optimal design of grain tracer based on fuzzy comprehensive analysis method[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2012,2815:246-250.  

14.     Real-time Monitoring System for Grain Moisture Content Based on Equilibrium Moisture Model[J].Transactions of he Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery,2013,44(1): 125-129.  

15.     Data collection scheme for mobile terminal in farmland WSNs[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2011, 27(8): 242-246.    

16.     Image Wavelet Transform on Low Memory Sensor Nodes of WMSN[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery,2014, 45(4): 289~293.    

17.     WMSN image node low memory study wavelet transform method[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery. (Accepted)  

18.     Design of automatic system for drinking behavior monitoring in group housed sows[J].Journal of         Nanjing         Agricultural         University     ,2013, 36(5): 133-138.    

19.     Review on the Intelligent Technology for Animal Husbandry Information Monitoring[J]. Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2012, 45(14): 2939-2947.  



Research Team XI: Modern Agricultural Equipment

Leader researcher: Weimin Ding    

Tel: 13951834302;    


Fields of research:Agricultural machinery theory and design, facility agriculture and its environmental control.    

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.         Research and demonstration of key technologies of soil fertility cultivation mechanization, supported by the National Key Technologies R&D Program.  

2.         Decision modeling of precision variable spray volume and its equipment demonstration, supported by the 863 Program branch project.  

3.         Technology integration and equipment development of dry direct seeding of rice in rice-wheat areas for energy saving and emission reduction, supported by the branch project of the Special Scientific Research Fund of Public Welfare Profession of China.  

4.         Application and development of key equipment for healthy aquaculture based on Internet-of-things technology, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Program for New Equipment, New Technology and New Mode.    

5.         Research on seed vigor, germination performance and acoustic detection method of glume-dehiscent and cracking rice, supported by the Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China.  

Representative achievements:    

1.         Effects of compositional changes of AFEX-treated and H-AFEX-treated corn stover on enzymatic digestibility. Bioresource Technology, 2014, 155: 34-40  

2.         Fuzzy model to predict wheat straw tensile strength influenced by moisture content and loading rate. International Agricultural Engineering Journal, 2014, 23 (4): 52-62  

3.         Comparison of Physical Properties Two Varieties of Wheat Straw and Residue Cover: Study of         Nanjing     . Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science, 2015, 5 (1): 1-7  

4.         Forces and Straw Cutting Performance of Double Disc Furrow Opener in No-Till Paddy Soil. PLoS ONE, 2015, 10 (3): e0119648  

5.         Effect of trash board on moldboard plough performance at low speed and under two straw conditions. Journal of Terramechanics, 2015, 59: 27-34  




Research Team XII: Information Collection and Equipment Design for Facility Agriculture

Leader researcher: Xiaochan Wang  

Tel: 025-58606567  

Fields of research: Principle and method of information collection for facility agriculture, Equipment design for facility agriculture.  

About the team: The research team carries on crosswise innovation on facility agriculture by taking full advantage of different specialties (agricultural engineering, automatic control, mechanical engineering and horticulture).. All researches focus on theory and application. In the aspect of theory, method of refine facility information acquisition is achieved on the aspects of basic environment factors, nutritional requirements, disinfection and sterilization by involving plantation information. In the aspect of application, auxiliary equipment in facility agriculture is studied, developed and updated on multiple perspectives, including environment control of homogenization, supply of nutrition, geometric shape of virtual realization and agricultural facilities equipment, for instance, mobile internet-based facility agriculture monitoring system, fertigation machine, stems leafy vegetable harvester, facility CO2 automatic fertilizer distributor, high pressure micro fog humidification and cooling machine, self-propelled mobile platforms, etc. This innovative group research and develop new technologies in facility agriculture aiming at improving control precision of facility agriculture environment, enhancing work efficiency and reducing labor to guarantee the safety and comfort for farmers.  

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.         Development of ZigBee-and-FPGA-based system for greenhouse crop growth parameter monitoring and intelligent control, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Key Technologies R&D Program.  

2.         Control technology for facility agriculture intelligent production and auxiliary equipment development, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Prospective Research Program.  

3.         Multi-scale greenhouse environmental control system based on crop information fusion, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.  

4.         Integrated application of mechanized technology in the key link of greenhouse vegetable production, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Program for New Equipment, New Technology and New Mode.  

5.         Application development of stems leafy vegetable ordered harvester, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Program for New Equipment, New Technology and New Mode.    

Representative achievements:    

1.         Multi-scale greenhouse environmental control system based on crop information fusion. ZL 201210191223.1;    

2.         Remote greenhouse environment monitoring system based on multimedia messaging service. ZL201320130332.2;  

3.         Contacting disturbance signal-based pest detector and pest warning system. ZL201210349569.X;    

4.         Temperature homogeneity control in greenhouse based on CFD simulation model. Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2012, 43(4): 156-161;    

5.        The randomness of the wind and its impact on greenhouse CFD simulation[C], 2nd International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering, 2012, 4(3): 2361-2364.




Research Team XIII: Electromagnetic field and nondestructive testing  

Leader researcher: Jian Xingliang

Contact: Jian Xingliang  

Tel: 13851487963  


Main Member: Zhang Chengyu, Luo Hui, Feng Xuebin, Huang Guilin  

Fields of research: The influence of electromagnetic field on substance; Nondestructive testing.  

About the team: The team members are from the Department of Electrical Engineering,         College     of         Engineering     . The effect of electromagnetic field on the substance will be studied. The objects are various materials mainly related to agricultural productions, including microorganisms, fungi, seeds, fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat, etc. Meanwhile, the role of electromagnetic field to other inanimate objects, such as steel, water and magnetic particles are also investigated. As a kind of special and ultimate tool, pulsed high magnetic field broadly used in scientific research so as to obtain the breakthrough progress, and the higher the field strength, the greater the opportunities. Compared with 100 Tesla, which is the highest strength recently in the world, our laboratory has obtained 20 Tesla of pulsed high magnetic field.    

Another research field is the nondestructive testing technology of industrial and agricultural products. The electromagnetic eddy current is applied to detecting the defects in the iron and steel products. The electromagnetic wave is applied to agricultural product detection.  

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:  

1.       Research on arbitrary fault location and identification method of analog electronic system by non-detriministic signal testing, supported by the Young Scientists Foud of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2015.01-2017.12.  

Representative achievements:  

1.         Structure and percolation of one-patch spherocylinders [J]. Soft Matter, 2015.11.1362.  

2.         Tow-dimensional structure of dipolar heterogeneous dumbbells [J]. EPL, 100 (2012) 38004.  

3.         Probe Persition Detection Device Electromagnetic Eddy Current NDT [J]. Instrument Technique and Sensor, 2015(1):34-37.  

4.         Optimal test node selection based on dynamic ant colony algorithm for analog circuit [J]. Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, 2014, 35(10):2231-2237.  

5.         Pulsed high magnetic field device [P]. Patent in         China     : ZL 201420154487.4.  


Research Team X IV: Production and operation Management on Agriculture

Leader researcher: Zhaotong Zhang  

Tel: 025-58606528(O); 13951769339(M)  

Fields of research: One is to study theproduction management of modern agriculture, it applies the analytical methods of multivariate statistics and the theory of systems engineering to study the optimal allocation of researches such as fund, land, labor, and human research. The other is to study the operation management of modern agriculture, it applies theories and methods of management science and engineering to study the management and optimizing decisions of production.

About the team: The team is made up of one professor, three associate professors and three lecturers. Their majors includethe development of agricultural industry, agricultural economic management, systematic modeling and simulation, production operation management, systems engineering, management information system, agricultural  information, statistics, etc.  

The research team has been handling many management questions concerning modern agriculture. They include the investment of agricultural production, optimization configuration of agricultural machines, the decision ofagricultural production operation, the control of agricultural production environment, the quality management and control of agricultural products agricultural productslogistics, production and operation decision of facility agriculture, planning and construction of modern agricultural demonstration gardens, agricultural personnel system, etc.  T    

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.         The relation between land transfer and the protection of land environment, the Fundamental Research Funds for Nanjing Agricultural University, SK2015039RMB 20,0002015-2017. Evaluation criterion of recycling economy on sugar industry in Guangxi Province, government commission project, RMB180,0002013/6-2013/12. Model and its hyper heuristic of multi-depot vehicle routing problem with simultaneous deliveries and pickups under dynamic environment, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 71001053, RMB177,000, 2011-2013.

2.         Models and optimization approaches for  logistics service network, the Fundamental Research Funds for         Nanjing         Agricultural         University     , RMB70,000, 2015-2017.

Representative achievements:    

1.         Economic value of the agricultural areal source pollution control[J].Chinese Rural Economy,2012,(3):53-67.    

2.         Mmarket segmentation of healthy agricultural product based on consumer motivation--a case in         Nanjing     city Journal of Agrotechnical Economics,2012(1):109-117..  

3.         Multi-depot vehicle routing problem with time windows  under shared depot resources[J]. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Published online. (SCI )  

4.         The iterated local search embedded adaptive neighborhoods   selection for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery[J]. Expert System with Application, 2015,42(7): 3551–3561. (SCI)  

5.         Analysing the status, obstacles and  recommendations for WCOs of restaurants as biodiesel feedstocks in         China     from supply chain’ perspectives[J]. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2012, 60: 20-37.(SCI)  


Research team XV: Optimization of agricultural production

Leader research: Jing LI  

Tel: 025-58606710  


Fields of research: Diffusion mechanism of new agricultural technologies, Optimization of production decisions for facility agriculture.    

About the team: Operation models were used in this team to study the production decision of facility agriculture enterprises. This is a bridge between mathematic models and management of agricultural enterprises. The team has three associate professors and three lecturers. Two projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China were presided by Jing LI and Kaiping MA respectively. Multiple published journal papers were indexed by SCI and SSCI. Based on former researches, some papers about crops’ harvesting, rotation and pricing were proposed by team members. Different with agriculture economics, the team used mathematic models to study the optimization of agriculture enterprises’ behaviors. Compared with foreign researchers, the team considered the decision environments of         China     .  

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.         Optimization of multi-products’ management for facilities farming under uncertainty, supported by the NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) program under Grant 71301077.  

2.         Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, KJQN201407.

3.         Risk control and coordination of agricultural supply chain, supported by Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province under grant BK2011652.  

4.         Research of innovation approaches, supported by Basic Research Program of National Science & Technology (       China     ) under grant 2012IM040500.  

5.         Dynamical decision of development and diffusion for new products based on forecast controlling. supported by the NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) program under Grant 71101072.  

Representative achievements:    

1.         A multi-agent model for strategies of new product development. Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research, 2014, 48(1), 277-291 (SCI, SSCI).  

2.         Adaptive learning algorithm of self-organizing teams. Expert Systems with Applications, 2014, 41 (6), 2630-2637( SCI).  

3.         Simultaneous batch splitting and scheduling on identical parallel production Lines. Information Sciences,2013, 221: 501-509( SCI).  

4.         An agent-based model of supply chains with dynamic structures. Applied Mathematical Modelling,2013, 3(7), 5403-5413( SCI).  

5.         The impact of Collaborative Transportation Management on demand disruption of manufacturing supply chains. International Journal of Production Research, 2012, 50(19), 5635-5650 (SSCI, SCI).  



Scientific research team 16:The Comprehensive Utilization of Biomass Resources and Environmental Engineering  

Team leader Xiaohua Wang    

Contact PersonHua

Research Direction: 1.Biomass resources assessment and comprehensive utilization technology research 2.The utilize of agricultural wastes ecological cycle and environmental management  

Principle membersPeiren Miao, Hua Li, Yutao Liu, Kunquan Li, Xuexia Yao  

Team profileOur team began the research of energy problems in the rural areas in         China     and the development and utilization of renewable energy in early years. Now we have 14 graduate students and 6 fixed researchers, including a professor, four associate professors and a lecturer. Team leader is the evaluation expert of national technology prize, member of        China   biogas society, vice-chairman of the         Jiangsu     province rural energy environmental protection association and so on. Our team aim at the full use of agriculture and forestry biomass and the development of ecological circular development, use crop straw, forestry processing wastes, animal feces and other agricultural biomass resources as raw materials, focus on energy (bio-gas, biochar. Briquette-fuel and other forms), feed (steam explosion crop straw for making feed), biomass carbon synthesis and utilization, graft copolymerization and modification, genetic engineering of co-metabilism building, agriculture and forestry biomass low-cost store and other generality key technologies, research on the issues of agricultural wastes ecological recycle, environmental governance, the policy and technology project evaluation of development and utilization of rural biomass, and other energy environment coordinate issues. In recent years, we have got Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province and others projects more than 10, gross expenditure is more than 2 million. For nearly three years, our team have published over 20 papers, including 7 SCI, 7 authorized patents and one software copyright.  

Major projects and topics in recently five years:  

1.         The research on efficient utilization of crop straw to make feed,         Jiangsu         Province     science and technology support project;  

2.         The research on the effects of rural household biogas digester to household energy consumption and economic, Ministry of Agriculture project;  

3.         The research on the evolution law of rural household energy consumption and biomass energy utilization, Ministry of Agriculture project;  

4.         The research design of investigation, evaluation and utilization of biomass energy resources in         Jiangsu         Province     , the World Bank project;  

5.         The research on the preparation and catalytic properties of pyrochlore type composite oxide ordered mesoporous carbon materials for efficient removal of algae toxins, Natural Science Foundation of China project;    

6.         The effect and mechanism of after return straw soil decomposing to the eukaryotic microorganism cells autophagy, Natural Science Foundation of China project;  

7.         The research on new bifunctional compound oxide mesoporous carbon controllable preparation and regeneration to remove the algal toxins in water, Doctoral foundation project;  

8.         The research of the mechanism based on the cell autophagy after straw soil decomposing inhibition soil spread diseases, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province project;  

9.         The industrialization development of straw rotten bacterium and mechanization broadcasting experiment and demonstration,         Nanjing     biological agriculture project.  

Representative research achievements in recently three years:  

1.       Plan design for investigation and assessment of biomass energy resources in         Jiangsu     province. Transactions of theChinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2012,28(4):204-207;  

2.         Adsorption characteristics of lead on cotton-stalk-derived activated carbon fibre by steam activation. Desalination and Water Treatment, 30(1-3):1-9, 2011;  

3.         Modular TRAPP complexes regulate intracellular protein trafficking through multiple Ypt/Rab GTPases in S. cerevisiae. Genetics, 191(2):451-460, 2012;  

4.         Molecular dynamics study of DNA binding by INT-DBD under polarized force field, J. Comput. Chem. 34(13), 1136-1142, 2013;  

5.         Interaction specific binding hotspots in endonuclease colicin-immunity protein complex from MD simulations, Sci.         China     . Chem. 56(8), 1143-1151, 2013;  

6.         Activation mechanism study of glucokinase by M197V mutation, Acta. Chimica. Sinica. 69(4), 405-410, 2011;  

7.       Study on rural household energy consumption in         China     based on household investigation from typical counties. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2014 ,30(14):206-212  



Research TeamⅩⅦ: Innovative Research Team in Engineering safety and BIM  

Leader researcher: Jikun Zhao  

Tel: 025-58606533  

Fields of research: Rresearch on construction engineering safety assessment analysis and catastrophe mechanism. Research on building information model and application based on the technology of 5 D theory method    

About the team: The team named ‘Engineering safety and building information technology innovation team’ builds the construction safety analysis system and the catastrophe mechanism focusing on the civil engineering research. To achieve this goal, this team takes the advantage of the establishment on college scientific research innovation team as well as the school discipline and resource. Besides, they use the platform of undergraduate courses specialized construction and the core of curriculum construction with the leading idea upon the faculty quality construction and the  scientific research. Moreover, the full development of the intersection between civil engineering management science and engineering management specialty characteristics also makes contribution to the target. As for the information and management, this team sets up the building information model and application research with the foundation of 5D method and the usage of BIM methodology, trying to build this the team into a renowned high-level Teaching and research team with integrated ability of teaching, science research, training and engineering services.  

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.             Study on the interaction of soil mechanical properties of high straw content and working parts supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.  

2.             High Performance Concrete of Durability and Failure Mechanism in china northwest drought environment supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.  

3.             The key technology and its evaluation methods on large-scale project to implement lean construction supported by the basic scientific research business expenses special funds funding of the central university.  

4.             Research on the workflow stability control and organization environment ofLean Construction by the basic scientific research business expenses special funds funding of the central university.  

5.             Research on the deformation control of urban underground engineering considering unloading small strain behavior of cohesive soil by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.  

Representative achievements:    

1.             Experimental study on slope sliding and debris flow evolution with and without barrier [J]. Water Science and Engineering 2015, 8(1): 68-77.  

2.             Numerical simulation of rainfall-induced rock mass collapse and debris flow[J]. Scientific Research and Essays,2014,9(19):851-863.  

3.             Constitutive model and experimental Investigation on debris flow’s erosion of slope soil[J]. Chinese Journal of Soil Science, 2014,45(6):1334-1342.  

4.             Calculation of the capacity of concrete flexural members under salt freezing[J]. Journal of material science& Engineering, 2014,32(1):29-34.  

5.             SMW construction method and three-axis mixing equipment based on bi-directional deep mixing technique[P]. ZL 2010 1 0213645.5,        2012-01-04  




Research Team XVIII: Enterprise Management Innovation Research

Leader researcher: Yingtang Zhou  

Tel: 13451831769

Fields of research: Theoretical study of Enterprise Management Innovation , Case study of Enterprise Management Innovation    

About the team:: The research group are composed of some key researchers from management engineering department, such as Guozong Zhu, Xueyu Tang, Dezhi Jin ,Ming Chen, under the leadership of professor Yingtang Zhou. The research field involves supply chain molding , macroeconomic management, sustainable development, management of agriculture-related enterprise innovation , enterprise human resource management as well as rural human resource development, And they achieved some achievements after years of work. Moreovers, featuring Chinese-style management, they aim at promoting academic research ability and achievements industrialization in the field of theory study and case study of enterprise management innovation by the way of academic cooperation and attention on science frontiers  

Representative achievements undertaken over the past three years::    

1           Hosted Suqian City People’s Hospital of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital “Adhere to the Public ,the Unity of Efficiency and Effectiveness of Public Hospitals Shareholding System Reform and Management” Project ,and Won the First Prize in the 18th National Enterprise Management Modern Innovation Achievement ;  

2           Presided over the        Nanjing   Connie Electromechanical CO. ,LTD “the High and New Technology        Enterprise   beyond the Implementation of the Strategy of Intellectual Property Rights ” Project , and Won the First Prize in the 20th National         Enterprise     Management Modern Innovation Achievement ;  

3           Hosted in Wuxi City Public Transport CO.,LTD “Urban Public Transport Enterprises Achieve Convenient ,Quick ,Safe ,High Quality Service of Intelligent Management System ” Project , and Won the First Prize in the 21th National Enterprise Management Modern Innovation Achievement ;  

4           Agricultural Transfer of Population Heterogeneity Interpretation and Analysis——In Nanjing ,Changzhou and Yangzhou Comparative Analysis as an Example [J] .Technology Economy and Management Research ,2015(3):104-108;  

5           Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading of the “China Time-honored Brand” Research [J] .Productivity Research ,2014(10):92-96+165 ;  


Research Team XX: The research of cloak

Leader researcher: Lunwu Zeng  

Tel: 13951871554;  

Fields of research: Invisibility cloak; metamaterial.  

About the team: The team has a faculty of 8 members, including 3 associate professors, 5 lecturers and has been dealing with questions concerning about invisibility cloak and metlmaterial. After several years hard work, some achievements are attained and acknowledged by the worldwide academic field.  

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:    

1.         2013.1-2013.12, Special Funds of the National Natural Science Foundation of         China     (Grant No.11247218).  

2.         2012.1 -2012.12, “Innovative experiment of solar energy cell.” Supported by         Nanjing     Agricultural University  

3.         2009.9 -2010.10, “The academic evaluation of students performance.” supported by        College   of        Engineering   ,         Nanjing         Agricultural         University    

4.         2010.12, “Construction of the experimental textbook”, and published “Laboratory experiment in college physics.” supported by         Nanjing         Agricultural         University    

5.         2007.7 -2009.12  “Invisibility cloak and metamaterials” supported by Agricultural and Mechanical Bureau of Jiangsu Province  





Research Team XIX: Researches on the Management System of Urban and Rural Areas under the Background of the Differentiation of the Peasantry

Leader researcher: Yiping Lin  

Tel: 13770333421  

Field of research: the research on the differentiation of the peasantry in vertical and horizontal way and its influences  

About the team: This research team consists of several experienced teachers engaged in educations of Marxism theories. There are four associate professors and three Ph.D.s in this team, which have young passionate teachers as well as middle-age teachers with certain research accumulations. All of these make the team have conditions and bases in the respect of corporate studies. According to long term academic researches at the background of agricultural college, it is gradually established to investigate agriculture’s economic, politic, social and legal problems by means of Marxism. Relevant accumulation at different research views and methods is obtained, which can be used to supplement and confirm existing investigations.

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:

1.       The innovative practice teaching college subjects: Research on the pattern choice of new socialist countryside’s constructions. (2013SY52)(2013-2014)  

2.         Research on the path of agricultural population transformation and urbanization in        Jiangsu   province, philosophy and social science research found projects in         Jiangsu     universities(2014SJD077)(2014-2016)  

3.         Resaerh on the new normal mechanism of increasing peasants’ income, the project of the fundamental scientific research founds in the central universities (SK2015036)(2015-2017)  

4.         Research on the ecologic thought of Mohist, the project of the fundamental scientific research founds in the central universities(SK2015038)(2015-2017)  

Representative achievements:    

1.       The rational choice of government functions and regression in the implementation of farmers’ interests [J]. Rural Economy, 2012(5):29-32;  

2.       Transition period farmer benefit expression on the path [J]. Issues in Agricultural Economy, 2013(1):63-67;  

3.       The willing of farmers’ centralized living, influence factors and countermeasures research [J]. Rural Economy, 2009(10):17-20;  

4.       Public policy analysis about dispute settlement mechanism of rural land contract—location and conformity among the suit and arbitration as well as mediation on rural land contract[J].         Hebei     Law Science, 2011, 29(6):41-45;  

5.       Interpretationand Analysis on the Heterogeneity of Transferring Agricultural People[J]. Technoeconomics & Management Research,2015(3):104-108


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