Agricultural Mechanization

Department of Agricultural Mechanization and Department of Traffic and Vehicle Engineering

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The department of agricultural mechanization and the department of traffic and vehicle engineering are under unified management. The department of agricultural mechanization was founded in 1952, with merging the department of Agricultural Engineering of former Central University and Jinling University , the earliest teaching and scientific research bases for agricultural engineering in China . The department of traffic and vehicle engineering was founded in 2010.

The present staff of the department consists of 34 teachers, laboratory technicians and management personnel, including 6 professors and 7 associate professors. The subordinate sections of the departments include 3 teaching research groups (agricultural mechanization, transportation and vehicle engineering), 1 teaching laboratory (experimental teaching center of agricultural engineering) and several research institutions (agricultural engineering research lab, rural energy research lab, intelligent institute, etc). The departments now offer two doctoral programs, namely agricultural mechanization engineering and agricultural biological environment and energy engineering, three master programs, i.e. agricultural mechanization engineering, agricultural biological environment and energy engineering and vehicle engineering, and three bachelor programs including agricultural mechanization and automation, transportation and vehicle engineering.

Over dozens of years, the departments have trained more than 3000technical personnel. Among them, many have become academicians, well-known scientists, professors and experts in enterprises and government departments. On training students, as the result of implementation of the teaching philosophy of attaching great importance to academic foundation and practical ability, the students are characterized as practical, adaptable and of much potential. On scientific research, the scientific teams focus both on basic theories and applications. Many researches aim to solve problems in the economic field and serve the national economy. A number of research achievements have won national or ministerial / provincial awards. Some of the researches have high reputation, such as new agricultural machinery, paddy soil mechanics, rural energy planning and utilization, computer simulation and control of greenhouse environment, machine vision and agricultural robots.

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