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Introduction of electrical engineering department

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The department of electrical engineering consists of four teaching and research departments: electrical engineering, automation, electronic information science and technology, and computer. There are three undergraduate majors: agricultural electrification, automation, electronic information science and technology. It has a doctor's degree granting program of agricultural electrification and automation, and a master's degree awarding program of agricultural electrification and automation and electronic information.

The department of electrical engineering has 60 faculty members, including 6 professors and 22 associate professors. Among them, 56.7% of the teachers have doctor's degree, which makes them a young and vigorous team of teachers. Pursued in the process of teaching the course "scientific research of feedback teaching, scientific research to promote teaching" teaching philosophy, pay attention to build academic team, nearly 2 years, teachers have been more than 50 kinds of national and provincial scientific research projects, of which more than 30 provincial level projects, project research content involves the Internet of things of agriculture planting and breeding technology, facilities, livestock and poultry breeding and aquaculture) equipment, automation, intelligent agriculture crop phenotypic high-throughput detection, agricultural robots, agricultural biological sensors and other fields, the formation of a new disciplinary growing point, built a batch of agricultural high-tech achievements and agricultural high-tech demonstration site, It has formed a scientific research and academic team with intelligent agricultural equipment and facility agriculture as the main body of research, which has effectively promoted and enriched teachers' classroom teaching content.

After years of special construction, electrical engineering department of jiangsu province agricultural electrification and automation subject comprehensive training center of all kinds of equipment, complete the existing computer, electronic technology, circuit (electrician), electronics, principle of microcomputer, automatic control theory, sensor, EDA, PLC, communication theory, signals and systems, high frequency electronic circuit, power electronics, process control, motion control, embedded systems, distribution automation, robotics, biosensor and so on 27 specialized laboratories and experiment (training) room, otherwise five off-campus practice base, can effectively meet the needs of the undergraduate teaching.

In addition to expanding teaching laboratories, some research platforms and special research places for students to carry out innovative scientific practices have been created by using the special funds for repairing and purchasing by the ministry of education, funds for school discipline construction and laboratory purchase plan. Set up college students' innovation laboratory, laboratory of large equipment, state (provincial) college students' innovative experiment project practice laboratories, electronic design and production of training center (for students to attend to class electronic design contest and develop innovative experimental project of students practice place) and some special features of professional scientific research platform (such as mushroom picking robots, tractor driving robot, crop phenotypic pipeline system, etc.), it offers multi-disciplinary courses teaching demonstration and practice innovation of common platform, to cultivate the beginning ability is strong, high level talents with innovative ability of students to provide a strong guarantee.

In recent years, under the joint efforts of all the teachers and students, the electrical engineering department is thriving with a strong style of study and noble ethics. Among the students, there are winners of national competitions, graduate students who have entered first-class universities in China, and those who have gone to famous universities abroad. In order to cultivate high-level innovative application management talents, the department of electrical engineering is willing to be a stepping stone and booster for numerous students.

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