Foundations Department

Foundations Department

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The Foundations Department of the Engineering College , NAU, is composed of a couple of teaching and research teams: the Social Sciences Teaching & Research Office, the Foreign Language Teaching & Research Office, the Mathematics Teaching & Research Office, the Physics Teaching & Research Office, and the P. E. Teaching & Research Office. The Foundations Department boasts a highly qualified and experienced team of faculty. Among the 68 faculty members there are 61 professional lectures and16 professors.

The faculty of the Foundations Department have got outstanding achievements in teaching and scientific researches, with about 30 undergoing or having completed research projects supported by the National Science Fund, Ministry of Education, and other scientific research funds; over 300 publications; 1 NAU excellent course; and 3 core courses


Social Sciences Teaching and Research Office

The faculty of Social Sciences Teaching & Research Office (SSTRO) teaches the undergraduate and post-graduate students in the following courses: Ideological and Political Theory, Military Theory, Current Situation and Policy, and so on, one of which, An introduction to Mao Zedong thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, is a core course of our university. SSTRO has made great achievements with 6 undergoing or completed research projects supported by the government, 60 publications and 2 practice bases outside the campus.


English teaching and research office

The Foreign Language Teaching & Research Office (ETRO) is a very young teaching term with strong enthusiastic and positive attitude to their work, including participating in the SFLEP National Foreign Language Teaching Contest, young teachers have won the second prize and the third prizes in the five years, and some teachers also have been awarded "Coach Award", staying ahead of universities in Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile faculties in the office organize and instruct students to take part in a variety of English contests and competitions, with one excellent student’s winning the Grand Prize inNational English Contest for College Students and many students’ excellent performance in “FLTRP Cup” English Public Speaking Contest and “FLTRP Cup” English Writing Contest. ETRO is now presiding over two provincial projects, two university-level projects on education and teaching reform, and educational reform projects and the top-quality curriculum program for College English. Moreover, more than 10 monographs and textbooks and approximately 100 theses have been published through years of scientific research.


Mathematics Teaching and Research Office

Mathematics Teaching and Research Office (MTRO) has organized students to participate in Jiangsu Province Advanced Mathematics Competition for Non-science Majors for 4 years successively, winning 38 first prizes, 69 second prizes, and 133 third prizes. Since the year 2010, 3 second prizes and 10 third prizes have been awarded in Jiangsu Division in National Mathematics Competition for College Students. The office began to guide students to take part in National Mathematical Modeling Competition in 2005, and since then awards have been gained consecutively, 3 first prizes, 30 second prizes and 18 third prizes nationally, and 9 first prizes, 15 second prizes and 24 third prizes in Jiangsu Division. In 29th International Mathematical Modeling Competition for College Students, a second prize was won. In the Mathematics Competition in 3rd Science and Technology Festival in Nanjing Agricultural University , first team award was granted. In the first half of 2014, there were 155 students supervised to take 12th Jiangsu Province Advanced Mathematics Competition for Non-science Majors, among whom 21 gained the first prize, 36 the second prize and 57 the third prize. Presently, one project funded by NNSF (National Natural Science Foundation of China) is presided by the office.


Physics and Chemistry teaching and research office

Adhering to the concept of emphasizing both teaching and research, Physics and Chemistry Teaching & Research Office (PCTRO) has undertaken and completed 1 program from National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 teaching reform program from Ministry of Education, 4 programs from Jiangsu Province Agricultural Machinery Administration Bureau, 1 program from university-level Startup Foundation, 2 programs from Nanjing Agricultural University Youth Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, and approximately 10 university-level and college-level teaching reform projects. Faculties in the office guide and accomplish 9 SRT projects. Wu Wei won the second prize in the “To teach a good lesson”, the 5th College Physics Teaching Contest in Jiangsu Province . In recent years, a textbook named "College Physics Experiment" and nearly 100 theses have been published, 23 of them cited by SCI. Faculties in the office have been awarded the Greater China Scholarship, university-level teaching award and the second prize of university-level teaching achievement.


P. E. Teaching and Research Office

P. E. Teaching and Research Office (PETRO) holds various PE activities for our students, who rank top in track and field sports in our university, and have won the second prize for amateurs in the track and field sports in Jiangsu Province. The PETRO has been honored the Best PE TEAM by our university for 7 years in a row. Meanwhile, the PETRO also takes an active part in research projects, with 3 undergoing or completed research projects supported by the PE Bureau, 1 by the Education Bureau, and 2 by the Agricultural Mechanics Bureau of Jiangsu Province, and dozens of publications.


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