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Department of Management Engineering, College of Engineering , Nanjing Agricultural University was established in 1987. It was once called Department of Township Enterprise Management in which college-level talents were mainly cultivated during its early stage. Later, the department joined the College of Township Enterprises , soon changed its name into Department of Industrial Enterprises Management, and began to cultivate undergraduate talents. The college was renamed College of Engineering in 2000, and adjusted its departments. As a department of College of Engineering , the name of Department of Management Engineering has been used ever since.

Since the establishment of the department, it adheres to the combination of theory and practice, teaching and scientific research, personnel training and market demand, scientific research and social service, reform and innovation. After years of development, Department of Management Engineering has formed a relatively complete system of teaching and scientific research, and has a teaching and research team with high academic standards and academic impact. The department has a staff of 36, including professors and associate professors of 12, all with postgraduate qualifications or above. In addition, the department also hired several entrepreneurs and management cadres with practical management experience and high theory level as part-time professors. In terms of talent training, the department follows the mode of firm foundation, wide caliber, quality-focused and inter-disciplinary, cultivating students with solid theoretical foundation, bold innovation, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality, which are welcomed by the community.

Following the subject development direction of Management Science and Engineering, the department has formed a research team focused on research directions of scientific management theory and method, industrial engineering and logistics engineering, resources and environment management engineering. Some specific research areas include the production of systems engineering, human factors engineering , logistics and operations optimization, logistics planning and design, performance evaluation, project management, project cost, etc. The department has two university-level labs: Industrial Engineering Laboratory, Management Engineering Laboratory; two college research centers: Modern Logistics Center , Project Management Research Center . The department has more than 1200 undergraduate students with three bachelor’s degree programs of industrial engineering, logistics engineering and engineering management. It has been built with diverse labs, such as Logistics Engineering Laboratory, Human Factors Engineering Laboratory, Quality Testing and Control Laboratories, Business Decision-making and Management Simulation Laboratory and Management Simulation (software) Laboratory.

Department of Management Engineering stays in extensive contact with the enterprises, government and research institutions. It actively undertakes the research tasks and establishes cooperation with the country, enterprises, and relevant units, and has charged nearly 100 projects proposed by the National Natural Science Foundation, the World Bank, the Ministry of Agriculture, Jiangsu Province and so on. The department collaborates with other research organizations, enterprises and institutions on a number of research projects. Hundreds of papers had been published, and more than 40 articles had been indexed by SCI and EI databases.


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