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Department of Training

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Department of Training (Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Branch, Education and Training Center for Central Agricultural Cadre) dates back to a training program for Agricultural Mechanization Cadre of Ministry of Agricultural planned in the second half of 1977, and opened in March 1979. The corresponding institute was formally established in May 1980, which was renamed with the Training Institute of Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization cadres, Ministry of Agricultural, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries in September 1982, and again, changed its name into Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Cadre Training Institute, Central Agricultural Administrators College in July 1986. Finally, it established as Agricultural Mechanization Branch in Nanjing , Central Agricultural Cadre Education and Training Center in 2002.


Under the leadership of the Party committee and the administration, Department of Training, is responsible for adult higher education and cadre training. After continuous reform and development, we broadened the educational channels and provide a variety of specialties for the need of the society with different degrees. With the help of our talented faculty, an array of majors, advanced facilities, superior teaching and many other advantages, a comprehensive educational system has been established.


Programs & Majors:


I. Professional Training

Major: CNC Technology, Automobile Testing and Maintenance, Construction Technology, Professional Managers, Senior IT, Mechatronics

Full-time Study


II. Online Education

Major: Business Management, Finance, Law, Public Management, Accounting, Land Resource Management, Landscape Architecture, Project Management, Computer Science and Technology, Machinery Manufacturing and Automation

Bachelor Degree

Technical Degree

Part-time Study


III. Adult Higher Education

Major: International Economy and Trade, Information Management and Information Systems, Accounting, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Computer Information Management, Construction Technology

Bachelor Degree

Technical Degree

Part time study; Teaching by correspondence


IV. Second Undergraduate Academic Education (Charging Schools)

Major:Financial Management, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Computer Science and Technology, Business English, Modern Gardening  

Bachelor Degree

Part-time Study


V. Agricultural Mechanization Cadre Education Center


Our Principle:

To implement the broad guideline of education

To reinforce the quality education

To enhance teaching management service

To promote a health development of further education under the guideline

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