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Zhang Zhaotong
Dec 19, 2014

Name:ZHANG Zhaotong

Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisor

Dicipline: Management


1991  Bachelor of Engineering from College of Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University

2000  Master of Management from College of Economic and Management, Nanjing Agricultural University

2007  Doctor of Management from College of Economic and Management, Nanjing Agricultural University

Research Interests:

Agricultural Economics and Management

Published Theses:

1.      Analysis of Farmers' Agricultural Production Management Decision -- Based on a Survey of Northern Area of Jiangsu Province . Zhang Zhaotong, LiJing. Issues in Agricultural Economy, 2009,12.

2.      A Consideration of Promoting the Transfer of Industry in South Area to Middle and Northern Area of Jiangsu Province . Zhang Zhaotong .Modern Economic Research, 2007,10.

3.      A Research on Policy Effectiveness of Industrial Transfer. Zhang Zhaotong . Modern Economic Research, 2011,10.

4.      Study on Implementation of the Diffusion Effect of China's Growth Pole.Zhang Zhaotong .Jiangsu Social Sciences, 2009,06.

5.      A Proof Study of the Regional Concentration Degree of Manufacturing in Jiangsu Province . Zhang Zhaotong, WeiYu, Zhang Wenhao.Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University(Social Sciences Edition),2005,03.

6.      The Selection of Enterprise Location and Arrangement of Regional Investment Policy -- Based on A Survey of Enterprise Location Choice Factors  in South Area of Jiangsu Province.Zhang Zhaotong .Reform of Economic System, 2010,01.

7.      A Study on Promotion of Regional Innovation Capability Based on Subject Behavior Analysis.Zhang Zhaotong.Forum of World Economics & Politics, 2009,03.

8.      Industry Risk Prevention Based on the Behavior Analysis of Foreign Mergers and Acquisitions of Stakeholders. Zhang Zhaotong. Intertrade, 2007,09.

9.      Analysis and Discussion on Development and Present Situation in Industry of Northern Area in Jiangsu Province . Zhang Zhaotong, WeiYu. Jiangsu Commercial Forum, 2006,11.

10.  Study on Restrictive Factor and Solution of Market Agriculture. Zhang Zhaotong, Zhou Yingtang. Economic Problems, 2005,01.

11.  Consideration on Enterprise Agglomeration in Less Developed Area. Zhang Zhaotong .Modern Economic Research, 2005,08.

12.  Study on the Impact of Culture on Regional Economic Development.Zhang Zhaotong .Modern Economic Research, 2006,08.

13.  Well-Handled Relationships Among the Seven Aspects in Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Agglomeration. Zhang Zhaotong, Wang Rong. Economic Review, 2005,03.

14.  Analysis on the Restrictive Factors of the Peasants'  Continuous Growth in Income. Zhang Zhaotong, Zhang Jinming.Southern Rural, 1999,06.

15.  Expand Development Space for Freshwater Fishing. Zhang Zhaotong, Liu Huazhou, Ma Xiaorong. Jiangsu Rural Economy,2000,03.

Selected publications:    

(1) “Acta Physica Sinica”, January, 2009.

(2) “A Guide to Physics”, Science Press, May, 2008.

(3)    “Principal and application of hydrogen storage material”, University of Elcctronic Science and Technology of China, August, 2011.


E-mail:   zzt5576@njau.edu.cn


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