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Ding Qishuo
Dec 31, 2014

Name: Ding Qishuo

Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisor

Dicipline: Agricultural Engineering


1990  Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering from College of Agronomy,  Yangzhou University, China

1993  Master of Agricultural Mechanization from College of Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University,China

1999  Visiting Scholar in Kasetsart University, Thailand

2006 Visiting Scholar in UCSD, America

2007 Ph.D of Agricultural Mechanization from College of Engineering, Nanjing Agriclutrual University, China

Research Interests:

Applied Engineering in Agriculture, Soil and Plant Scinece

Selected publications:    

(1)   “High spatial- and temporal resolution and high throughput digital image measurement and dynamics of post-paddy wheatseedling phenotype indices”, Crops, 2014.

(2)   “Measurement and analysis of 3D wheat rootsystem architecture with a virtual plant tool kit”, Scientia AgriculturaSinica, 2014.

(3)   “Mechanical characteristics of landfragmentaiton: an investigation on the field operation behavior of small-typeharvesters”, Acta Agriculturae Zhejiangensis, 2013.

(4)   “Comparison of fragmentation properties andremolding techniques for clay soil”, Transactions of the Chinese Society forAgricultural Machinery, 2013.

(5)   “Soil macro-structure and precisiontillage”, Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 2012.

(6)   “A non-destructive monitoring technique forwheat leaf in field and quantification of geometric phenotype for flag leaf”,Agricultural Science & Technology, 2012.

(7)   “Relationship between cone index and shearstrength of remolded clayey soil”, Transactions of the Chinese Society ofAgricultural Engineering, 2011.


E-mail:   qsding@njau.edu.cn


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