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Yin Wenqing
Jan 9, 2015

Name: YIN  Wenqing

Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisoor

Dicipline: Agricultural Electrification and Automation

        Agricultural Mechanization Engineering


1983 Bachelor of Engineering from EngineeringCollegy, Huazhong Agricultural University

1986 Master of Engineering from EngineeringCollegy, Nanjing Agricultural University

1999 Doctor of Engineering from EngineeringCollegy, Nanjing Agricultural University

Research Interests:

Modern measurement and control technology

Modern design theory and method ofHarvester and transplanter

Selected publications:    

(1) “Mathematical model and influencingfactors analysis for windrow quality of 4SY-2 rape windrower”, Transactions ofthe CSAE , January, 2012.

(2)“Variety identification of rice seedbased on three-dimensional reconstruction method of sequence images”,Transactions of the CSAE , April, 2014.

(3)“Design of path following controllersbased on performance index for agricultural vehicle”, Transactions of the CSAE, May, 2012.

(4)“Development and experiment of rapewindrower transportation device with poke finger conveyor chain”, Transactionsof the CSAE , November, 2013.

(5)“An improved tuning method of fractionalorder proportional differentiation (FOPD) controller for the path trackingcontrol of tractors”, Biosystems Engineering, October,2013.


E-mail:   yinwq@njau.edu.cn


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