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Zhang Weiqiang
Jan 9, 2015

Name: ZHANG Weiqiang

Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisor

Dicipline: Physics


1982   Bachelor of AgriculturalMechanization, Jiangsu University

1993   Master of AgriculturalMechanization, Nanjing Agricultural University

Research Interests:

Agricultural Mechanization/ Machine Designand Research

Selected publications:    

(1) “Two degree-of-freedom vehicle’sdynamics simulation based on Matlab.” Science Technology andEngineering,2010(4)

(2) “Analysis for cutter frame based onANSYS”. Science Technology and Engineering,2010(2)

(3) “Virtual modeling and simulation studyof HEV power coupling”. Machinery and Electronics, 2010(2)

(4)“Migration of RTOS on MC9S12XDP512single-chip”. Science Technology and Engineering,2009(13)

(5) “Research on the 3-D detection andareal characterization of micro-topography of lapping surface”. Machine Designand Research,2009(2)

6“Function-orientedareal characterization and assessment of surface topography”, Journal of HunanInstitute of Engineering,2008(2)

7“The 3D-Motifsurface texture assessment algorithm based on neighborhood analysis”. MachineDesign and Research,2008(4)

8“Function-orientedmotif characterization study of surface topography”, Machine Design andResearch 2006(6):


E-mail:   njzwq2001@njau.edu.cn


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