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Wang Yongming
Apr 3, 2015

Name: WANG Yongming

Title: Professor

Dicipline: Economicsand Management,Biological pesticides tocontrol technology, 


1978  Bachelor of PlantProtection, Nanjing Agricultural College

1989  Bachelor of Ideologicaland Political Education, Southwest Normal University

2007  Doctor of Economicsand Management, Nanjing Agricultural University

Research Interests:

Human ResourceManagement,Administration, Biological pesticides tocontrol technology 

Selected publications:      

(1) “University Teachers'Motivation Research, China Agriculture Press, August,2008.

(2) “UniversityTeachers' Salary Satisfaction and Influencing Factors Analysis”, HigherEducation Exploration, May, 2008.

(3)   “College Teachers ‘Need’Level”, JiangsuHigher Education, March, 2008.

(4)Flow ofCollege Teachers' Professional Career Development Perspective”,Nanjing Agricultural University (Social Science Edition),December,2007. 

(5) “A ComparativeStudy of Eastern and Western Regions of Human Capital Differences”,Nanjing Agricultural University (Social Science Edition),June,2005. 

(6) “Theory UniversityTeachers Incentives to Build”,NanjingAgricultural University (Social Science Edition),December,2004. 

(7) “StrategicChoice of Agricultural Standardization Road ---- Theoretical Models Based on ObjectiveAnalysis of Farmers' Income”,NanjingAgricultural University (Social Science Edition),June,2008. 

(8) “Education CompensationMechanism Perspective Human Capital Overflow analysis”,EducationReview,June,2008. 

(9) “CollegeStudent Cadres Training Discussion”,Jiangsu HigherEducation,January,2009.



E-mail:  wym5801@njau.edu.cn



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