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Kong Fanxia
Nov 7, 2017

Name:KONG Fanxia

Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisor

Discipline: English Education


1985 Bachelorof Arts from English Department, Qinghai Normal University

2010 Masterof Arts from Education Science Department, NanjingUniversity

Research Interests:

English Teaching & Research, mainly study in ESPcourse design& teachers’ development

Selected publications:

Selected Outputs:

• Kong Fanxia and Wang xin. (2014)‘The Effect of Task Mode and Type On Learner’s Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition’. Foreign Language 6 (6), 21-29

• Kong Fanxia. (2012) ‘The Study of Implicit and ExplicitLearning on the EGP and ESP’. Modern Educational Technology12(3), 74-78

• Kong Fanxia. (2014) ‘Inspiration from Accreditation ofEAP Teachers Competency in Britain’. China Agricultural Education 12 (1),81-86

• Kong Fanxia. (2016) ‘A Six-T’s Approach to Project-basedESP teaching & its Effectiveness’.Foreign Language 6 (6),77-84


E-mail: fanxiakong@njau.edu.cn

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