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DONG JingCheng
Nov 7, 2017


Title: Professor

Dicipline: Mathematics


2006/9–2010/12, Ph.D, Mathematics, YangzhouUniversity

2001/9–2004/7, Master, Mathematics, YangzhouUniversity

1997/9–2001/7, Bachelor, Mathematics, YangzhouUniversity

Research Interests:

Hopf algebras; Fusion categories

Selected publications:

(1)Integral almost square-freemodular categories, Journal of Algebra and Its Applications, 16(5), p 1750104,2017.

(2)Braided Zq-extensions ofpointed fusion categories, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society,145(3), pp 995-1001, 2017.

(3)Integral modular categories ofFrobenius-Perron dimension pqn , Algebras and Representation Theory, 19(1), pp33-46, 2016.

(4)Existence of Tannakiansubcategories and its applications, Communications in Algebra, 44(4), pp1767-1782, 2016.

(5)On Kaplansky's sixthconjecture, Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Universita di Padova,135(1), pp 1-20, 2016.

(6), Frobenius property forfusion categories of small integral dimension, Journal of Algebra and ItsApplications, 14(2), p 1550011, 2015.






(7)Semisimple Hopf algebra ofdimension 2q3, Mathematica Slovaca, 65(1), pp 53-62, 2015.

(8)Almost split sequences of the quantum doubleof a finite group, Mathematical Notes, 95(3), pp 346-358, 2014.

(9)On integral fusion categories withlow-dimensional simple objects, Communications in Algebra, 42(11), pp4955-4961, 2014.

(10) On semisimple Hopf algebras ofdimension pqn, Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 57(2), pp 264-269, 2014.

(11) The representations of quantumdouble of dihedral groups, Algebra Colloquium, 20(1), pp 95-108, 2013.

(12) On semisimple Hopf algebras ofdimension 2q3, Journal of Algebra, 375(1), pp 97-108, 2013.

(13) Further results on semisimpleHopf algebras of dimension p2q2, Revista de la Unión Matemática Argentina,53(2), pp 97-112, 2012.

(14) Structure theorems forsemisimple Hopf algebras of dimension $pq^3$, Communications in Algebra,40(12), pp 4673-4678, 2012.

(15) Structure of semisimple Hopfalgebras of dimension $p^2q^2$, Communications in Algebra, 40(3), pp 795-806,2012.

(16) Grothendieck ring of quantumdouble of finite groups, Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal, 60(3), pp 869-879,9/2010.



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