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The “Chinese Culture” study group from Coventry University visit our college

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In the afternoon of 31st,March,the 4th communication meeting between Coventry University and our college was held in C502,YU XIAN building.In this time,the communication group is consisted of 18 students and 1 leader teacher.The director of the dean's office,Li Hua,the School youth corps committee secretary and commissioner of labor,Shao Gang,both attend this communication meeting.About 60 students from our college attend this activity.The activity is unitedly held by college office and the English association.

   Li Hua, first of all, welcome the arrival of the teachers and students from Coventry university .He introduces the basic condition of our college in Scientific Research ,the faculty group and internationalization.He said that Coventry University is one of our most important partners and has worked together in scientific research and students exchange programs.Our college lays importance on the cooperation and communication between both sides,he hopes that the students from Coventry University could communicate with our students and experience the charm of Chinese culture.

  The leader teacher of Coventry University,Samra Balwant Singh,said that it is a pleasure to visit our college again,he hopes the students could communicate with each other and experience the Chinese culture,and he welcomes more students from our college could go to Coventry University for a visit.

  After the introduction from both sides,the dance group from our college performed a wonderful Jazz for the audience,the students are well affected by the atmosphere and played with each other.The Calligraphy association performed calligraphy which stands for the Chinese culture.In the end,the students from our college writes two different fonts “Chen,Pu,Qing,Ren” and give it to Coventry University as a present.

 The Coventry University students visit the NING YUAN car team from the transportation and vehicle engineering department.The cool car has attracted the eyes of Coventry students  and they have taken photos for a memory.Afterwords,they have visited the teaching building,library and the playground .

 This communication activity gives the students from Coventry University a chance to experience the life of Chinese students,and at the same time,improves the English application skill of our college,it is well praised by both sides.



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