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Seminar on Chinese Culture for Coventry University in 2016

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In the morning of 30st, March, the 5th communication meeting between Coventry University and our college was held in C502,Yu Xian building. Liu Zhiming, Dean of the College of International Education, Tong Min, Vice Dean of the College of International Education, Cheng Weihua, Director of the Foreign Student Affairs office, Wang Xiaochan, Dean of the College of Engineering, Li Hua, Director of College Office, and some volunteers attended this opening ceremony.        

Liu Zhiming, first of all, welcomed the arrival of the teachers and students from Coventry University. He said that Nanjing Agricultural University has done a lot to promote the communications with foreign universities. He pointed out that NAU has cooperated with many universities around the world and successfully held more than 20 Chinese cultural courses since 2004. Coventry University has a long history of running education and has a significant development in these years, with his increasing reputation around the world. Coventry University has sent delegations to NAU for five consecutive years, as one of the most important partners of NAU in Europe, showing that the activi


ties which are held consistently play an important role in development of educational globalization between universities and the international flow between students. The activities also help students gain more practical experiences and set up a better idea in finding employment.        

Thomas Willian Bason, the lead teacher of Coventry University, said that it was his first time to visit our university. The members of this course were mainly majoring in physical training, so they are very interested in China's development and achievements of sports and physical undertakings, for example the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2014Nanjing youth Olympics and the 2022 winter Olympics. He believed that students in Coventry University can improve knowledge and experience which they can’t get from their university through this course ,and can feel the traditional culture with a long history of China and advanced development in every passing day in China.        

Wang Xiaochan made a conclusion. He said that our college has established a cooperative relationship with Coventry University since 2013, developing the projects of master's degree, undergraduate degree and programs of exchanging students. He also pointed out that there has been 8 students visiting Coventry University for studying. College of Engineering takes part in the reception of Cultural Course every year, organizing a good many activities which get highly recommended, such as experiencing Chinese Calligraphy, Kongfu, and dancing, visiting the lab of robots and Formula car team. This 10-day course is organized by College of Engineering. The students will not only attend the regular economic and cultural lecture, but have deep communications with Chinese students, visiting their dormitories and classrooms, experiencing Chinese-style campus life, as well as helping Chinese students improve their English ability and widening their vision.        

Later, Tong Min introduced the situation of NAU and the College of Engineering, making it easier for students of Coventry University to get familiar with new environment.

Lastly everyone present took a group photo.

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