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Professor Gerd Dobmann from the University of Sabrücken, Germany visits for academic exchanges

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On June 21, Prof. Gerd Dobmann from the University of Sabrücken, Germany, came to ourcollegefor academic exchanges at the invitation of Lu Wei, the head of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Prof. Gerd Dobmann gave an academic report entitled “NDT for materials characterization - with a special view on micro- and mm-waves and X-ray-CT” at C502, Yuxian Building on the afternoon. Lu Wei presided over the report.

Prof. Gerd Dobmann outlined the current methods of nondestructive testing(NDT) and the application of NDT techniques in material characterization, agriculture, food industry, etc., focusing on the application of FAD (fault assessment map) in the testing and a micromagnetic-based multi-parametersNDTtechniques, as well asNDTmethods such as microwave, RT, RS, CT and X-ray, and their application and optimization methods in the detection process. Professor Gerd Dobmann then had a heated exchange with teachers and students attending the report.

After the report, Wang Xiaohan,Deanofthe Engineering College, met with Professor Gerd Dobmann toexchangeideasinacademicstudyand future partnership. After that, Professor Gerd Dobmann visited Lu Wei and his team’s laboratory and furthered the academic talks.

Academic exchanges and talks have enabled our teachers and students to get a bettering understanding the global NDT frontier, broaden the academic horizons, deepen the ties with international counterparts, and lay a foundation for future cooperation and exchanges.

Gerd Dobmann is a professor at the University of Sabrücken, Germany. He is currently the Executive Chairman of the Special Testing Group, World Nondestructive Testing Committee. He was the Executive Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing Technology in Germany, the President of the German Society for Nondestructive Testing, and the chairman of the Fifth Committee of the International Welding Society (IIW), Chairman of the 2016 World Conference on Nondestructive Testing, winner of the German Fraunhofer Medal of Honor and the Roy Sharpe Medal of the British Society for Nondestructive Testing. He has deep academic knowledge and accumulation in the fields of electromagnetic detection, nuclear magnetic detection, ultrasonic testing, etc. He has published more than 300 academic papers in the field of non-destructive testing and led his team to develop a number ofheavyweight productslike, 3MA, a multi-function micromagnetic nondestructive testing instrument.

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