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Lecture on the management of international students‘ daily affairs held

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On the afternoon of June 27th, the College Office invited Zhao Xiaoliang, instructor from Entry and Exit Management Brigade, Jiangbei District, and Wu Yue, the legal officer to hold a lecture on the management of international students‘ daily affairs for the mentors of international students, mentors who intend to enroll foreign students, and other international students’ affair personnel. The lecture was chaired by Vice Dean Li Hua.

Wu Yue introduced the Law of the People's Republic of China on control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens and the Law of the PRC on Penalties for Administration of Public Security and other relevant provisions. Moreover, to enhance the understanding of foreign-related legal knowledge, terms on passport management, visa application, accommodation registration, security safety, religiousaffairs, and the prohibition of drug use have been explained in detail with specific cases. In view of the cases of traffic accidents among the international students in recent years,Wu Yue specified traffic laws, stressing the importance of safety driving of motorized vehicles. International students should be required to drive in accordance with relevant laws and regulation, pay attention to daily traffic safety, and raise traffic safety awareness. Zhao Xiaoliang answered staff’s questions on the problems they met in the daily service and management of international students.

Li Wei summed up the lectures, emphasizing that teachers must keep up with the times, keep learning to get a thorough understanding of laws and regulations related to international students. International students’ affairs service and management should be carried out in strict accordance with laws and regulations.

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