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Dr. Cai Xiaowei from California Polytechnic State University Visited Our College

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On 27 June, Dr. Cai Xiaowei from Agribusiness Department, California Polytechnic State University, visited our college. Li Hua, Associate Dean of the College, Li Jing, Director of Management Engineering Department, Guo Biao, Deputy Director of the College, gave a warm reception to her and held a seminar.

Dr. Cai received her Ph.D. from the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, majoring fields in Industrial Organization and Economics of Agriculture. Her current studies mainly include potential anti-competitive behavior in the U.S., global food systems, and the relationship between food purchasing behavior of consumer and their health condition, as well as modeling of farmland valuation by real options.

After the seminar, Dr. Cai gave an academic report on “The Impact of Energy Prices on American Consumers' Purchasing Behavior of Vegetables and Fruits” at C502, Yuxian Building. The session was host by Li Jing, with all teachers and graduate students of the Department of Management Engineering attending.

Dr. Cai Xiaowei firstly analyzed the current relevant situations of the obesity and consumption proportion of vegetables and fruits in the United States, and drew the importance of the price of vegetables and fruits on diet structure. Then, she analyzed the costs of highway transportation from the years of 2009 to 2015, and the sensitivity of the price of vegetables and fruits as well. She also integrated IRI data of consumer food purchasing during this period and used a double-difference model to assess the impact of diesel prices of transportation on consumer purchasing behavior to vegetables and fruits in different parts of the US. The results show that, compared with the West Coast consumers, the consumer purchasing behavior in the non-vegetable and fruit producing areas of the East Coast, South and Midwest of the US has indeed declined due to the rise of diesel price. Dr. Cai Xiaowei finally discussed the relevance, and creatively analyzed the sensitivity between the cost of diesel and the price of fruits and vegetables from different perspectives, such as distances, families and products. Her ideas and research results provide us an important guiding significance for relevant design of the fruits and vegetables supply chain.

After the session, the teachers and students asked questions enthusiastically, and Dr. Cai Xiaowei communicated with them in depth.


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