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The College of Mechanical Engineering of Guangxi University Visited Our College to Investigate the discipline construction

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On the morning of 5th, July, Meng Yanmei, the Executive Associate Dean with the delegation from the College of Mechanical Engineering, Guangxi University, visited our college. Li Hua, Associate Dean of the College, He Ruiyin, Director of Department of  Agricultural Mechanization/Transportation and Vehicle Engineering , Ding Yongqian, Division Chief of the Academic Affairs , Lu Wei, Director of Department of Electrical Engineering , Xiao Maohua, Director and Zheng Enlai ,Deputy Director of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yang Fei, Director from Department of Industrial Design and Research, Guo Biao, Deputy Director of the college, received them at C402, Yuxian Building.

Li Hua firstly expressed his welcome to Meng Yanmei and the delegation. He introduced the basic situations of the College in detail from several aspects of discipline construction, talent cultivation and scientific research, focusing on the objectives and achievements of first-rate discipline construction platform of the "Double First-rate". He said that the establishment between Guangxi University and Nanjing Agricultural University has deepened cooperative friendship for many years. In recent years, both universities have a closer cooperation in scientific research and teacher exchange visits, more frequent in communication. He hoped that this visit will further expand the friendship for both in teaching and scientific research as to promote both developments.

Meng Yanmei expressed her gratitude for the warm reception, and appreciated the achievements of the College in scientific research and brain gain in recent years. Then, she introduced the basic situations of the Mechanical Engineering College, and the transformation of patent into service industrialization in detail, sharing the successful experience of the construction and development of the First-Level doctoral discipline. She also mentioned the College of Mechanical Engineering has attached great importance to the construction of agricultural engineering discipline after Vice-President Feng Jiaxun last visiting investigation, and hoped that the two colleges could bring into playing respective advantages, attempting to find an integrating point for both developments, especially, in scientific research and industry.


Subsequently, both sides carry out some discussion on agricultural engineering discipline and professional construction, international exchange and cooperation, and item united application from the new engineering perspective.

In the afternoon, Meng Yanmei and the delegation visited the exhibition hall of the College and the related laboratories of Department of Mechanical Engineering.


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