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The Engineering College Holds the First Lesson of Enrollment Education for 2019 Freshmen

Time: Sep 13, 2019  Author:  Clicks:

On the afternoon of 8 September, the first lesson of Enrollment education for 2019 freshmen was held at our college. Prof. Wang Xiaochang, Dean of the college, gave some detail guidance and advice for all freshmen.


Wang showed the new modern agricultural machinery equipment and field work video of intelligent agricultural equipment for freshmen, which updates their knowledge and understanding to new modern agriculture with enthusiastic responses.

To make new students understand the past and present situations of the College, Wang introduced the historical and current achievements from the aspects of its long history, complete subjects, excellent teaching style, students’ technological innovation, employment and entrepreneurship and so on, and listed regional advantages of the College location in Pukou District.

When it comes to how to be a talent? Wang gave five pieces of advice: the first is to acquire knowledge. He stressed that knowledge is the power to change fate and the ladder to make progress for human. The second is to learn science; students should pay more attention to the cultivation of scientific spirit during the university. The third is to communicate with the great master, as Master is the soul of concerning university improvement and development. The fourth is to get along well with your classmates, which is the essence of the university and will make outstanding young people together inspiring each other. The fifth is to build interpersonal relationships, and college students should have teamwork spirit and build good interpersonal relationships. Finally, he stressed that the university likes a "dream world for each student who can make the dream come true relying on ones persistence and perseverance.


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