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Gratifying Achievements of our College in the 47th NAU Track and Field Games

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On Nov. 1 to 2, our college team including 64 participants took part in the 47th NAU Track and Field Games under the concern of the college leaders, Office of Students' Affairs, the CYL Committee and Department of Basic Courses. Zhu Congxian, Yin Zhenghong and Li Qiang from PE Teachers' Office, were the coaches.

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/__local/0/F4/38/38A9F54295845F98B8D9C935B6F_8A995EC2_1C7FE.jpg

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/__local/0/49/20/833E01402C84A9E50CE1AD20AB2_CDFB801A_139A2.jpg

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/__local/2/C8/A8/29C521E89381A9C8C977FAD0C64_591B7747_170E4.jpg

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/__local/9/AB/8C/F865454DB6FA452E962D61D265E_5BC95D5C_1F69A.jpg

Our college team fought hard and won the second in the total score of men's and women's team events, the second in the total score of men's teams, the third in the total score of women's teams. Moreover, our college has also won the Advanced Unit of Sports Work and Characteristic Sports Cultural Award.

During the period of games, our athletes achieved good results with high morale and outstanding strength. In individual events, Kang Xuhui won the first place in men's shot put and Pan Yuying won the first place in women's 200m. In the team events, our team won the first place in men's 4*400.

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/__local/8/A3/55/6112C50775BD645F64C47A1C455_9963BBC9_2197F.jpg


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