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Ningyuan Team Won the First Prize in 2019 the 10th Formula SAE

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The 10th Formula SAE has ended recently in Xiangyang City Hubei Province. Ningyuan Team finished sixth breaking their own record in history again, and won the first prize in 2019 national season, which was the third time of winning this honor. The team instructor Han Ying won the "Outstanding Contribution" award.

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/_mediafile/yzy/2019/10/29/29vtga77ro.jpg

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/__local/C/FB/EE/4027D626FA3F9C09C97CDD1716B_7F113151_22744.jpg

Formula SAE attracted more than 2,000 participants from more than 60 universities, automobile and parts enterprises, including Tongji University, Jilin University and Hunan University. Formula SAE of this year includes three static events (design, cost, marketing) and four dynamic events (figure 8 loop, linear acceleration, high-speed obstacle avoidance, endurance test).

Formula SAE challenges students to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style racing cars. The competition has got extensive attention from the national media, the official media, NetEase News and other platforms providing live webcast of the whole event, which spread widely and had great social influence.

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/_mediafile/yzy/2019/10/29/2di46x47rv.jpg

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