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Sharing Session Between Party Secretary Li Changxin and Class 173/4 of Telecommunications

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On the afternoon of November 6, Party Secretary Li Changxin attended the class meeting of class 173/4 majoring in telecommunications with the theme of "To Make a Wonderful Individual's Growth Plan” for the purpose of remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind. Luo Lingying, Deputy Secretary of CPC General Branch of the Electrical Engineering Department, and Zhang Yi, Director of the Student Affairs Office also attended the class meeting.

The class meeting is divided into five parts: Part one is about dream. Two students, Xu Xinran and Wang Yuanmo, told their personal growth stories showing that college students should cultivate their core competitiveness to become a useful person. Part two is about resume. Some students played the role of HR manager to give other students advice on improving their comprehensive quality by the resume screening. Part three is feelings and experiences. The whole class was divided into several groups to share their harvest in university and expectation for future respectively. Part four is to share cases. Yang Hongbing, in charge of this class, introduced enrollment and employment situations of Electronic Information Major in recent years in detail through specific data and real cases, and encouraged students to decide their careers according to their actual situations and make active preparations as soon as possible. Part five is what kind of person to be. Li Changxin told students to be a well-rounded person who should read more books with deep thinking for being a generous person and grateful person by sharing his own experiences.

After this class meeting, students in class 173/4 expressed their determination to take full advantage of the good time in university in order to enhance their core competitiveness and strive to be promising young people in the new era.

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