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The Establishment of Jiangsu Tractor Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

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The founding conference of Jiangsu Tractor Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was held in the Conference Center of Jiangsu on Nov. 16 with more than 70 representatives from over 40 tractor manufacturing enterprises, application enterprises, well-known universities and institutions, in order to accelerate tractor industry development, strengthen industrial technology innovation and promote the leap of Jiangsu tractor industry from large to a strong one. The conference was hosted by Pro. Wang Xiaochan, Dean of the College of Engineering NAU.

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Yu Jianfei, Deputy Dean of the Institute of Science NAU, delivered a speech. He firstly congratulated on the establishment of the Alliance and introduced the general situation and research results of the NAU and the College of Engineering. He stressed that the Alliance was founded to fully integrate advantage resources, promote the cooperation between colleges, integrate and share technical innovation resources both home and abroad, set up joint research and development platform, solve key technology bottleneck, foster product innovation of industrial clusters in tractor areas, which makes the alliance become an important part of national innovation system.

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Gu Jun, investigator of Rural Office Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency, attended the meeting and made a speech. He also congratulated on the establishment of the Alliance at first and stressed that the allied units should reach a consensus on close cooperation. Scientific research institutes, colleges and universities should give priority to strengthen knowledge and technology innovation to form new cooperation organization so as to realize the benefit sharing, win-win cooperation, and coalitions with other units, giving alliance full play to the leading role in the industrial technology innovation.

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Representatives of the Alliance exchanged views and discussed the technical demand and innovation direction of China's tractor industry. The conference also fully discussed the Alliance's work plan in the past three years and 2020.

The conference rammed throughThe Association Articles of Jiangsu Province Tractor Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance”, and elected NAU as the Alliance chairman unit and eight vice chairman units including Nanjing Institute of Agricultural MechanizationMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Jiangsu University, Jiangsu Yueda Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Co. Ltd., Nanjing Chuangli Transmission Machinery Co. LTD., as well as 29 member units, such as Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co. LTD, China Agricultural University and Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The Dean the College of Engineering Pro. Wang was elected as chairman of the Alliance.

The Alliance was founded at the initiative of Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency and sponsored by NAU with tractor enterprises, universities and research institutes. It aims at enhancing Jiangsu to a strong province in tractor industry. This is also one of the first provincial industrial technology innovation strategic alliances led by NAU.


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