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The Best Track Records of Our College in the 16th “Challenge Cup” Technology Innovation Competition

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On the afternoon of Nov. 12, the finals of the 16th"Challenge Cup"  Technology Innovation Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "Challenge Cup" Competition) ended in Beihang University. A new breakthrough of our college has been made by the work "Air-Assisted Sprayer with Surround Air and Pesticide Recycle in Orchard" which won the national second prize becoming the best track records of our college in the "Challenge Cup" Competition.

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/_mediafile/yzy/2019/11/15/2z1wzdm1xn.png

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/_mediafile/yzy/2019/11/15/2qv8tqi1xf.png

"Orchard Air-Assisted Sprayer with Surrounding Airflow and Pesticide Recycle " is a standardized orchard oriented intelligent application of mechanical equipment developed by students themselves. With the laser sensor and other techniques, sprayer can realize intelligent detection and decision-making basing on variable application. The airflow surrounding system independently designed by the team makes the pesticide liquid more evenly attached to the inner chamber of the fruit canopy, the back of the leaf surface and other areas with frequent diseases and insect pests, which greatly improves the efficacy. The pesticide recycle system minimizes potential safety hazards to human and animal and reduces environmental pollution caused by the floating loss of pesticides. In addition, the sprayer can adjust the width and height of its gate air duct to suit the application requirements of different planting patterns, which has the advantages of strong applicability, good prevention effect and high intelligence.

The program has lasted one year since November last year with a series of competitions and selections under the guidance of Qiu Wei, Zhao Yuhui, Ding Qun. In addition, Tan Zhiyun, Shi Xuegang, Li Kunquan offered help from the aspects of topic selection, team member optimization, defense drills, text improvement and promotion, and so on.

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/_mediafile/yzy/2019/11/15/2dnc4tu1x2.png

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/_mediafile/yzy/2019/11/15/29vw8mo20c.png

"Challenge Cup" Competition was divided into closed exhibition and public defense. NAU Deputy Party Secretary Liu Yingjun, Secretary of the CYL Committee Tan Zhishun, other relevant leaders and instructors were present to guide the program exhibition and cheered for the members before the closed exhibition. During the exhibition, the team members fully demonstrated the technicality, innovation and application, which attracted many experts and was fully recognized by Lin Xiaoyi, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Jiangsu Province.

Being honoured as contemporary "Olympic Games", "Challenge Cup" Competition is held since 1989 for the first time sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, All-China Federation of Students and Local Government, adhering to purposes of science, true knowledge, diligent study, innovation and challenge. It has played a positive role in promoting young talents growth, deepening the quality education, promoting economic and

social development with a broad influence on universities and society.

说明: http://www.pk.njau.edu.cn/_mediafile/yzy/2019/11/15/1tlapfw1we.png

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