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Emergency Drill for Back-to-School of Spring Semester

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On the afternoon of March 27, Pukou campus held an emergency drill for students back-to-school in the square outside the East Gate. Dean College of Engineering Wang Xiaochang, head for the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Group, and Deputy Party Secretary of the college Zhang Zhaotong, guided the drill. Associate Dean Li Hua hosted the drill. Ye Jiangshan, instructor of Jiangbei New District Public Security Bureau, Wan Cailing, Secretary of General Party Branch of Taishan Sub-district Bridge Community, and Sun Xing, police of Taishan New Village Police Station defending New Village Bridge Community, attended the drill.



Four emergency cases were simulated when "students" who played by teacher volunteers come back to school at different times including initial check of back-to-school code, the health code inspection, health check-ups and fever outbreak at school.





According to the requirements of notice, "Students" will need to show the health code and go through the procedures before entering the campus. "Students" with green health code will be measured body temperature in the infrared temperature region and then live in dormitory. Those with orange health code will be taken temperature by manual. The one with Normal temperature will be installed in the place with medical observation, while with higher-than-normal temperature will be tested for body temperature and epidemiological survey and be sent to the designate fever clinic for treatment by special vehicle.




Student who has fever symptoms should go to the hospital health center by himself. Meanwhile the student must inform his counselor and accept test for body temperature and epidemiological survey. Then his counselor arranges him to the designated fever clinic by special vehicle.




All staff and all departments participating in the drill carried out the work in an orderly manner and cooperated with each other accurately and decisively.

After the drill, Ye Jiangshan and Cailingfully fully affirmed the drill and thanked the leaders of the college for their attention to epidemic prevention and control.

Zhang Zhaotong exchanged views with the work group on some details during the drill. He asked for counselors to assign and implement their responsibilities , and put forward clear requirements on disinfection and killing, baggage handling, fever disposal and other aspects of the work.


Wang Xiaochan asked for all departments to conduct possible loopholes timely to ensure that the college is well-prepared. Students' emotional management, information release and other aspects should be refined to ensure the safety of teachers and students.

Volunteers from general party branch of office department also participated in the drill.

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