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Donations from Enthusiastic Alumni for COVID-19 Fight

Time: May 18, 2020  Author:  Clicks:

The college has conducted strictly a series of work in epidemic prevention and control in accordance with decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the requirements of the university's leading group for epidemic prevention and control since the outbreak of COVID-19. At the critical time fighting against COVID-19, alumni enterprises and teachers and students of the university extend a helping

hand to assist the college in preparing anti-epidemic materials, and take practical actions to support the epidemic prevention and control work of the college, which shows the alumni's deep love and good wishes for alma mater.

Early February, Dr. Zhu Lei, lecturer of Department of Agricultural Machinery and Traffic and Vehicle Engineering just being a visiting scholar at City University of Hong Kong, purchased 100 disposable surgical masks and 2000 ml alcohol out of his own pocket donating to the college at first time for the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of the school and the class.


Ding Haitao, an alumnus of our university, the executive director of Nanjing Shufan Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. engaging in computer hardware and software and biotechnology research and development, actively donated 1000 bottles of clovis liquid spray (100ml) to the college. His selfless dedication not only greatly alleviates the purchase pressure of the college’s epidemic prevention materials, but also shows the spirit of "honest, simplicity, diligent and kindness" as well as the deep love to his Alma mater.

On April 8, a large cardboard box filled with 2,000 disposable medical masks was sent to Zhang Changa, the counselor of Department of Management Engineering, followed a short message " I have seen countless doctors and nurses from the whole nation step forward bravely since the epidemic outbreaks. Inspired by the spirit of heroism ...The express has been sent, you should be able to receive it in several days -- Xiao Deng ". Deng Chaowei and Lu Wenzhe,  students of class 172 Department of Engineering Management, decided to use part of their business income and awards in recent years to buy 2,000 masks donating to the college for daily protection of teachers and students after the school begins. Deng said in the short message, "In this special period of fighting the epidemic, only one thing I can do is buy 2,000 masks and donate them to the college. "


Paragraphs of encouraging words and boxes of materials show that people from NAU with the great effort and courage put their strength together in fighting against COVID-19. No matter the alumni or the teachers and students in the school, all of them spare no efforts to show their love for our motherland with practical actions in the new era.


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