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NAU International Students Dormitory Fire Safety Provisions

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The followings fire safety provisions are set up to ensure NAUInternational Students’ personal and property safety:  

1.   Except the electrical appliance provided by NAU, it is strictly prohibited to use such appliance as electric cooker, induction cooker, electric cup, electric blanket, electric heater, electric oven, immersion heater, electric kettle etc in your room.  

2.  To avoid the line overloading, high-power electrical appliance can not be used at the same time, such as air-conditioning, water heater, etc.  

3.  Use the electrical appliance properly, e.g. make sure that the water pipe is open before using the water heater to avoid dry heating. Check and switch off the power (mobile charger is also included!) before leaving your room.  

4.  Pulling line disorderly is strictly forbidden.  

5.  Wiring power line or placing Power Extension Strips in bed is strictly forbidden. The broken, aging power line or Power Extension Strips should be discarded.  

6.  If the electrical appliance or electro circuit breaks down, the student is requested to report the fault to the doorman of dormitory for proper handling. Do not tamper, disassemble, or attempt to repair the failure without permission. Otherwise, the person who attempts to undertake any action will be at his own risk.  

7.  Power Extension Strips and electrical appliance should be switched off as soon as possible after using.  

8.  No smoking in your room.  

9.  Arbitrary use or damage to fire control facilities is forbidden. Legal actions will be taken against severe cases.  

10. Do not cook or boil water in your room with cookers like spirit stove, kerosene stove, gas stove, etc. No storage of the inflammables, explosives, toxic or radioactive article is allowed in the dormitory, such as oil paint, kerosene, gas, fireworks, etc.  

11. Open flame such as candle, spirit burner etc, is not allowed. Do not burn letters, papers or other materials in your room.  

12. Students who breach NAU International Students Dormitory Fire Safety Provisions may face different levels of penalties depending on the severity of individual cases.  

  1. Besides that the forbidden electrical appliance will be confiscated, the student will receive warning or above penalty depending on the actual situation.  

  2. The student who is found smoking in the room for the first time will be criticized and warned, and should leave the International dorm for the second time.  

  3. The student who breaks other fire safety rules will be criticized and receive warning or above penalty depending on the actual situation.    

4. For any fire disaster caused by misusing forbidden electrical appliance, the party in fault will be charged for the damages and losses and punished with a conditional stay depending on the circumstances. The severe offender will be dropped out from NAU and bear the relevant legal liabilities.  

13. Where these provisions are inconsistent with the other provisions promulgated by      College   of        International Education   , NAU, these provisions shall prevail.  

14. The present provisions shall go into effect as of January, 2014.      College   of        International Education   , Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) reserves the right to the final interpretation of these provisions.  

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