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Regulations for International Students

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ChapterI Extracurricular Activities    

1.   COIE is responsible for themanagement of international students’ extracurricular activities. Relevant colleges shall assist.  

2.   NAU provides accommodationfacilities and other necessary logistic services. International students should observe regulations on the use of the facilities.  

3.   International students shouldobserve China’s laws, rules and regulations, NAU regulations and respect China’ssocial moral and customs.     

4.   NAU respect ethnic traditionsand religious beliefs of international students, but does not provide venuesfor religious services or observations. Missionary work and religiousgatherings are strictly prohibited in the university.  

5.  If international students intendto travel out of Nanjing in their semesters, they should apply to their collegeand college of International Education themselves. They can only leave Nanjingafter their applications are approved by their colleges and then by COIE.  


ChapterII Passport, Residence Permitand Accommodation Registration    

1.  COIE shall assist internationalstudents going through formalities of entry, exit and residence.     

2.  Internationalstudents with X Visa must apply for a Foreigners’ Residence Permit to theDepartment of Entry-Exit Administration of the Nanjing Public Security Bureauwithin 30 days after entering China. If there are any changes to the items inthe Foreigners’ Residence Permit, the students should proceed to the Departmentof Entry-Exit Administration of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau for therecording of the changes within ten days since the changes happen.  

3.  Anyinternational students, who intend to exit China during the semester, shouldapply to their college and COIE for approval, which is subject to the finaldecision of the Vice President in charge. In case of an application to exittemporarily from China from students under the Chinese government scholarshipprograms, or those their home countries’ government scholarship programs andentrusted under the administration of China Scholarship Council, NAU’s decisionshall be submitted to the China Scholarship Council for final approval.  

4.  Students arerequired to vacate and exit China within specified period after theirgraduation, completion or partial completion of study, or withdrawal from theuniversity. Report to the Department of Entry-Exit Administration of theNanjing Public Security Bureau will be made on any student who is expelled byNAU to have their Foreigners’ Residence Permit revoked or duration of stayshortened accordingly.  

5.  Foreigners wholive in China should register the address at the local police station. In 24hours after moving into a new place, the foreigners should take the passport tothe local police station to get an issued form/certificate. In some hotels andapartments, it can be processed directly at the reception. Please keep theaccommodation registration form/certificate with the passport carefully andbring them together when going out.  

6.   Foreignnationals residing or staying within the territory of China must not engage inactivities that are not consistent with the purpose of their residence or staywithin the territory of China.  

7. Foreign nationals shall not forge, alter, defraud or fraudulently usevisas and certificates.  

8.  If you want tochange your living place, some processes are also required, which are easilyforgotten. As soon as you move into a new place, the first thing is to registerin the local police station. Then, you have to update the address on your residencepermit. Otherwise, you will get into trouble when you renew your residencepermit next time.  


ChapterIII Law and Order    

1.  Foreignnationals staying in Nanjing shall not disturb public order, gang up to fight,cause affrays or insult women..  

2.  Foreignnationals staying in Nanjing shall not disturb public order, carry or storefirearms, ammunition or controlled knives.  

3.  Foreignnationals staying in Nanjing shall not infringe others’ personal rights, assault,or illegally restrict other’s freedom, or intrude into other’s residences.  

4.  Foreignnationals staying in Nanjing shall not take opium, morphine or other drugs, ortraffic or transport drugs.  

5.  Foreignnationals staying in Nanjing shall not involve themselves in prostitution or createconditions for prostitution.  

6.  Foreignnationals staying in Nanjing shall not produce, reproduce, sell, rent out ordisseminate pornographic books, paintings,  or any other pornographicmaterial.  

7.  Foreignnationals rallying, marching or demonstrating in Nanjing must apply to theNanjing Public Security Bureau for permission. Without permission from thepublic security authorities, foreign nationals shall not involve themselves inrallies, marches or demonstrations held by Chinese citizens.  


ChapterIV Religious Activities    

1.  Foreignnationals conducting religious activities within the territory of China shallabide by Chinese laws and regulations, shall not form any religiousorganization, establish religiousoffices or sites for religious activities, or open religious schoolswithin the territory of China, shall not propagate religious belief or appointreligious personnel, or get conduct any other missionary activity among Chinesecitizens.  

2.   Foreignnationals shall not bring to China religious publications or religiousaudiovisual products that may endanger the social and public interest of China.  

3.   Foreignnationals may be involved in religious activities held in churches or othersites of religious activity within the territory of China. Only at theinvitation of religious groups above the levels of province, autonomous regionor municipality may foreign nationals preach at the sites for religiousactivities in Nanjing.  


ChapterV Other affairs    

1.   Foreignnationals travelling to cities or countries that are not open to foreignnationals shall apply in advance to the public authorities’ Exit-EntryAdministration Department for a travel permit and only travel there withpermission.  

2.  Foreignnationals working within the territory of China shall obtain a work permit andworking residence permit according to regulations. No organization orindividual is allowed to employ any foreign national who has not obtained awork permit or working residence permit.  


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