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Provisions on Dormitory Management for International Students

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Article1 Students shall reside in the rooms as allocated.Exchange of rooms or anything provided within between fellow students is notpermitted without prior approval from the administrators.


Article2 Students with full scholarships granted byNanjing Agricultural University (NAU) will be waived of accommodation charges.Those with partial scholarships from NAU as well as those supported by homecountry government scholarships or self-financed are expected to payaccommodation charges at the beginning week of each semester. Late payments byone week will incur a penalty 5% of the accommodation charges.


Article3 Guests visiting international apartments shallfollow the visitor registration procedures and is not permitted to stay tillafter 10 PM on the day of visit. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight.


Article4 Making noises inside the apartments or in the publicareas is not allowed. Residents are advised not to have parties in the rooms,or play radios or music too loud to disturb other residents.


Article5 Combustibles, explosives, narcotics, radioactivematerials and pets are not allowed into the apartments. Setting offfirecrackers inside the apartments is also prohibited.


Article6 Public commercial activities or advertising areprohibited within the apartment complex. Foreign currency transactions are alsoforbidden in the apartments.


Article7 Drug abuse, gambling as well as buying or sellingsex are against the law and are strictly prohibited. Fighting, drunken drinkingand resulting disturbances are prohibited and where severe consequences areresulted such incidents will be reported to the attention of local police.


Article 8 Furniture and allappliances and equipment provided shall be used with care. Damage orunauthorized removal or change of position is not permitted. Residents areadvised not to change the position of the furniture, nor to leave any scratcheson it. Residents shall keep their rooms clean and orderly. Marking on walls orfurniture is forbidden, as is driving nails into walls (as nails may penetrateinto electric wires laid out inside the wall and trigger an electrical shock)and attaching sticker-hooks or posters to the walls.  


Article9 Damage or loss to any public property shall becompensated for by the student responsible. Compensation price : Electricalkettle:100yuan ; air conditioner remote control:30yuan; room key :100yuan.


Article 10 Please do not drop toilet paper orother stuffs may block the toilet.  


Article11 Residents shall maintain a clean and orderlyenvironment inside apartment, around the building and in common areas. Leavingpersonal possessions in the corridor and throwing litter out of windows isforbidden.


Article12 Smoking is forbidden in whole dormitory area.


Article13 Always paying attention to observing electricaland fire safety. All electrical appliances shall be turned off when leavingrooms unattended. Electric ovens, heaters and other high-power electricalappliances cannot be used in the building. Cooking inside rooms is forbidden,as are any other temporary wiring, electrical appliance installation orrepositioning of lamps. Residents who fail to observe the above-mentionedsafety regulations will be held accountable for any consequences, includinglegal action against major losses.


Article14 Residents shall refrain from loitering in publicareas, including kitchen facilities, laundry and other areas.


Article15 Upon prior notice, apartment management staffare entitled to conduct safety inspections of any room at any time.


Article 16 Residents shall abide Chinese laws andregulations, shall notpropagatereligious belief or appoint religious personnel, or get conduct any other missionaryactivity in the dormitory.  


Article17 Upon graduation or termination of study,students shall vacate the dormitory within two weeks of completion of study.Occupation after that will be charged accordingly.


Article18 Before checking out, please hand in the roomkeys and electricity cards to the reception window. Graduates should returncampus card as well.









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