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Notice about the security department to adjust the procedures

Time: Jun 11, 2018  Author:  Clicks:

In order to do a good job in the management of household registration and other related services, the relevant procedure of the security department are adjusted as follows:

1. .The working time needed to be dealt with face to face to apply for household registration and issue various certificates.Weekday:14:30-16:30.

2. Services that do not need to be dealt with face to face, such as site application, can put application materials into the box in front of C104 of Yuxian building and wait for the notice to be retrieved.

3. When the agent comes to handle the procedures, the graduate departure procedures as far as possible to class for the unit in the above time, please divide them into two categories in advance according to the household registration whether in the school.

The above adjustment will be implemented immediately.

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