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Zhou Jun

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Name: Zhou Jun

Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisor

Dicipline: Agricultural Engineering


1998  Bachelor of Engineering from AgricultralMechanization Department, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

2003  Ph.D, in Agricultral Engineering,Nanjing Agricultural University, China

2005 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, inMechatronics Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

2013  Visiting Schoolar, in AgiculturalEngineering, Iowa State University, USA.

Research Interests:

Agricultural robot, Digital imageprocessing and Pattern recognition, Automation for Agriculture, Equipments forprecision agriculture.

Selected publications:    

Zhou Jun, Cheng Jiayu. Moving Obstacle Detection Based onMachine Vision for Agricultural Mobile Robot. Transaction of Chinese Societyfor Agricultural Machinery, 2011, 42(8):154-158. (in Chinese with Englishabstract)

Zhou Jun, Zhang Gaoyang, Liu Rui. Apple Attitude Estimation Based on Particle Filter forHarvesting Robot. Transaction of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2011, 42(3): 161-165. (in Chinese with English abstract)

Zhou Jun, Liu Rui, Zhang Gaoyang. Design of Fruit HarvestingRobot Based on Stereo Vision. Transaction of Chinese Society for AgriculturalMachinery, 2010, 41(6): 158-163. (in Chinese with English abstract)

Zhou Jun, Zhang Peng. Analysis and Modeling of GPS PositioningError for Navigation of Agricultural Machinery. Transaction of Chinese Societyfor Agricultural Machinery, 2010, 41(4): 189-193. (in Chinese with Englishabstract)

Zhou Jun, Zhang Peng, Liu Chengliang. Kalman filtering forintegrated navigation based on time series analysis. Transactions of theChinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2010, 26(12): 254258. (in Chinese with English abstract)

Zhou Jun, Zhang Peng. Hard Fault Isolation of GPS NavigationSystem Based on Gray Prediction for Agricultural Robot. Transactions of theChinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2010, 41(12): 165169. (in Chinese with English abstract)

Wang Mingjun, Zhou Jun. Large-scaleconditional random field for natural outdoor scene labeling. OpticalEngineering, 48(10): 107205-1-10, October, 2009

Wang MingjunZhouJun. Long-range Terrain Perception Based on ConditionalRandom Fields. Robot, 2010,32(3):1-8(in Chinese with English abstract)

Liu ChengLiang, Wang Mingjun, Zhou Jun. Coordinating Control for an AgriculturalVehicle with Individual Wheel Speeds and Steering Angles. IEEE Control SystemsMagazine, October, 2008, 21-24

Zhou Jun, JiChangy ing, Liu Chengliang. Novel pose measurementfor agricultural vehicle guided by machine vision. Transactions of the ChineseSociety of Agricultural Engineering, 2006, 22 (6) : 110- 114 ( in English ).





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