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Ji Changying

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Name: Ji Changying

Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisor

Dicipline: Agricultural  Engineering


1982  Bachelor of Enginerring fromAgricultural Machinery Engineering Department,  Zhenjiang Institute ofAgricultural Machinery

1984 Master of Engineering  from  AgriculturalMechanization Department, Jiangsu Institute of Technology

1994 Doctor of Engineering fromAgricultural Mechanization Department, Nanjing Agricultural University

Research Interests:

Soil – machine system; Intelligent Equipmentfor Agriculture


(1) “Soilfailure patterns and draft as influenced by consistency limits:An evaluation ofthe remolded soil cutting test”, Soil & Tillage Research , April, 2014.

(2) “CurrentSituation of Navigation Technologies for Agricultural Machinery,” Transactionsof the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, September2014.

(3)  “Comparison of mechanical properties of wheat and rice straw influenced byloading rates Principal and application of hydrogen storage material”,  AfricanJournal of Biotechnology,  March, 2013.

(4)”Design ofMultiresolution Adaptive Speed Measurement System for Low-speed IntelligentAgricultural Vehicle”, Transactions of the Chinese Society for AgriculturalMachinery, February, 2013.

(5) “CucumberImage Segmentation Based on Weighted Connection Coefficient Pulse CoupledNeural Network”, Transactions of the Chinese Society for AgriculturalMachinery, March, 2013.




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