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Chen Kunjie

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Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisor

Dicipline: Agricultural  Engineering


1985  Bachelorof Engineer from  Machinery Design and Manufacture,China Agricultural University

2000  Master of Science from AgriculturalEngineering, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

2005  Doctor of Enginerr from AgriculturalEngineering, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

2006/02-2007/02  postdoctoral research in Reading University of UK.

Research Interests:

Processing & Nondestructive Inspection Technologies and Equipment of Agricultural Products


Selected publications:    

(1)Tracking the dehydration process of raw honey by synchronoustwo-dimensional near infrared correlation spectroscopy.  Journal of Molecular Structure. 2014, 1076.

(2)    Predictionof troponin-T degradation using color image texture features in 10d aged beeflongissimus steaks. Meat science, 2014, 96(2), 837-842.

(3)    Determiningthe Optimal Drying Conditions for GBR with Specific Reference to Quality,Drying Rate, and Energy Consumption. ASABE, 2012,55(5):1891-1896.

(4)    Predictingbeef tenderness using color and multispectral image texture features. Journalof Meat Science, 2012 (4): 382-393.

(5)    PredictingFresh Beef Color Grade Using Machine Vision Imaging and Support Vector Machine(SVM) Analysis. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances. 2011,10(12):1504-1511.

(6)    Predictionof milled rice grades using Fourier transform near-infrared spectroscopy andartificial neural networks. Journal of Cereal Science. 2010, 52:221-226

(7)    Potentialuse of nir spectroscopy for the estimation of milled rice yield. Transactionsof the ASABE 2010, 53(2):1-6.

(8)    Colorgrading of beef fat by using computer vision and support vector machine.Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 2010, 70:27–32.

(9)    Segmentationof Beef Marbling based on Vision Threshold. Computers and Electronics inAgriculture 2008, 62(2):223-230.

(10)  Grading ofbeef marbling based on image processing and support vector machine. ComputerModelling and New Technologies, 2013,17(3): 87-92..

(11)   CombinedAction of High Pressure, Temperature, pH and Time on Jack Bean α-MannosidaseActivity. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology 2013, 5(1): 5-8.

(12)  BeefMarbling Image Segmentation Based on Homomorphic Filtering. Journal ofMultimedia, 2014, 9(2): 189-195.

(13)  A fast beefmarbling segmentation algorithm based on image resampling. TELKOMNIKAIndonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering. 2014, 12(5), 123-127.

(14)  RecentAdvances and Applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Honey QualityAssessment. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2014,(4).  



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