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Kang Min

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Name: KANG Min

Title:Professor; Doctoral Supervisor

Dicipline: Mechanical Engineering


1988  Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Department, Northeastern University

1989  Master of Mechanical Engineering Department, Xi’an Jiaotong University

2003  Ph.D of Electrical and Mechanical Department, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Research Interests:

Numerical Control Machining Technology, Non-traditional Machining Technology

Selected publications:    

(1) Rotary Combined Ultrasonic and Electrochemical Machining Device of Small Holes and Its Test Study Key Engineering Materials,Vol584(2014)54-59.

(2) Simulation Research of Small Holes by Combined Ultrasonic and Electrochemical Machining Based on CFX Key Engineering Materials,Vol584(2014)60-66.

(3)   Electrochemical behaviour in process of electrodeposition Ni-P alloy coating[J], Surface Engineering . 2014, 30(8): 557-561.

(4) Dynamic Parameters of Jet Electrodeposition for Ni-P Alloy[J], Asian Journal of Chemistry. 2014, 26(17): 5415-5418.

(5) The Analysis of Small Holes by RUECM. 2014, 34(3): 197-204.

(6) The Develop of Jet Electroplating Machining Gear Tool. Key Engineering Materials, 2013, V568, p151-156.

(7) Research on the Process of Numerical Control Electrochemical Turning Based on Finite Element MethodAdvanced Materials ResearchVol. 76495-101,2013.

(8) Research on Flow Field Simulation and Experiment of Numerical Control Electrochemical TurningKey Engineering MaterialsVol.56825-302013.

(9) Study on the high speed jet-electrode position Ni-P alloy. Key Engineering Materials, 2013, V567, p39-44.

(10) Predictive modeling of surface roughness in lenses precision turning using regression and support vector machines. Int J Adv Manuf technol2013, DOI 10.1007/s00170-013-5231-3.

(11) Effects of speed ratio K value of rubber-bar on cotton harvesting performance [J]. Applied Mechanics and Research, 2012, V383-390, p3005-3010.

(12) Measurement of Electrochemical Machining Initial Gap Based on Machine Vision. Advanced Materials Research2011V230-232, p1190-1194.

(13) Digital Modeling and Key Parts Simulation of Rubber-bar Roller Cotton Harvester. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2011, V52-54, p1586-1591.

(14) Study on the Turing of Toric Spectacle Lens by Use of Slow Tool Servo Method. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2011, V52-54, p1526-1531.

(15) Research on Flow Field Characteristics and Experiments of Numerical Control Electrochemical Machining. Advanced Science Letters2011, V4, 6-7 p1933-1938.

(16) Research on Flow Field Simulation and Experiment of Numerical Control Electrochemical Machining. Key Engineering Materials2011, V458, p63-68.

(17) Research on the process simulation of NC-ECM with ball-end tool-electrode. Advanced Materials Research2011V154-155, p338-343

(18) Experimental study on numerical controlled electrochemical turning. Key Engineering Materials2010,  V426-427, p658-663.




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