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Associate Professor


Department of Mechanical Engineering





Unit address

40#, Dianjiangtai Road, Pukou district, Nanjing

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Research field

Industrial design, product innovation design, ergonomics, etc.

Social appointments

Member of Jiangsu Industrial Design Association

Research projects

1、Research projects of philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Universities,Grant No:2015SJD085,Study on the design aesthetics of agricultural machinery products driven by new professional farmers' aesthetic demands,2015/07-2017/07, Project leader.

2、The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Humanities and Social Science Fund, Grant No: SK2013006, Study on design DNA methods of agricultural machinery products, 2013/09-2015/09, Project leader.

3、The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Humanities and Social Science Fund, Grant No: SKTS2016036, Research on the design of cultural creative products based on micro-region self-culture, 2016/07-2017/07, Project leader.

4、North jiangsu science and technology development plan projectofJiangsu: The development of high efficiency and energy - saving hydraulic gearbox, Grant No: BE2014134,Participant.

5、General projects of Humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education:Study on the art of the taiping heavenly kingdom fresco,Grant No: 15YJC760119,2015.04—2018.03,Participant.

6、Enterprise horizontal subject:Design of the electric high pressure cleaning machine,2014.5—2014.7, Project leader.

7、Enterprise horizontal subject:MX brand roller shoe appearance design,2016.6—2016.8,Project leader.

8、Enterprise horizontal subject:Food packaging design of nanjing agricultural university,2016.2—2016.4,Project leader.

9、Enterprise horizontal subject:Shape and structure design of lithium electric scooter,2015.5—2015.7,Project leader.

10、Enterprise horizontal subject:Ma 'anshan tengshan automotive parts technology co. LTD. Corporate image visual recognition system design,2014.9—2014.11,Project leader.

Academic achievements


1、Liu Lu, Zhang Yongnian, Ding Weimin,et al.Design of multi-objective driven product family shape gene for tractor [J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2017,33(17):82-90. EI

2、LIU Lu,QIAN Xiao-lin,ZHU Si-qing. Innovation design of electric hedge trimmer based on scenario-oriented method [J]. Journal ofMachineDesign, 2016,33(11):110-113.

3、LIU Lu,FU Xiu-qing,KANG Min.Research on product DNA of SME facing brand identity[J].Journal ofMachineDesign,2014,31(9):105-108.

4、LIU Lu,GAO Hui-song,SHI Qing-chun. Research on design of 2000PSI electric pressure washer [J]. Journal ofMachineDesign,2014,5(31):103-106.

5、LIU Lu,ZHENG en-lai KANG Min. Analysis of Influencing Factors on Farmers' Adoption of Rotary Tillers in China [J],Journal of Chinese Agricultural Mechanization,2015,36(5):308-312.

6、Liu Lu,Duan Yuqing,Luo Wenwen,et al.An empirical analysis on the styling image ofagricultural machinery equipment ofnew-style professional farmers [J],Journal of Chinese Agricultural Mechanization,2017,38(7):117-123.

7、ZHANG Yongnian,LIU Lu,et al. Smooth CNC pulse sequence generation algorithm[J],Acta tech csav,2016,61,131-145. EI

8、WANG Xingsheng,LIU Lu,et al. Magnetic - field -assisted fabrication of micro – convex domes using long pulse laser [J],AppliedPhysicsMaterialsScience &Processing,2017,105,271-285. SCI

Authorized patents

1. Invention patent:ZL201310230915.7,China.

2. Invention patent:ZL201410242080.1,China.

3. Invention patent:ZL201410242079.9,China.

Reward & honor

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