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Chen Yulun

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Chen Yulun






Department of Mechanical Engineering


Doctor degree




Unit address

Dianjiangtai Road 40, Pukou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, PRC

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1. Modern design theory and method for machinery

2. Cold storage technology research and equipment design for agricultural products

Research projects

1. Sub-project of National Sci-Tech Support Plan—Design of the equipmentof spray chillingfor thepig carcass. Project Number: 2014BAD19B01-01, 2014 7-2016 12.

2. Science and technology program fornorthern county or city ofJiangsu Province—Development of the 1JH series machine withstraw chopping anddeep burying function for rice and wheat by means of intelligent andmodularmethod.Project Number:BN2015044,2015 7-2018 6.

3. Project of policy guidance (Cooperative Innovation Funds for Production,Teaching and Research of Jiangsu Province)—Development of the machine with rotary tillage, ridging fertilization and precise seeding function for facilities agriculture. Project Number: BY2013051, 2013 9-2015 8.

4. Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities—Development of the machine with combine harvesting, direct seeding and stalk-disposing function as well as its agronomic techniques. Project Number: KYZ201221, 2012 8-2014 7.

Academic achievements

Published academic papers:

1. Chen Yulun, Sun Chenyang, Lu Zhongshan, Fan Leiming, Li Yinian, Li Chunbao. Design of control system for spray chilling operation of pig carcass based on PLC[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (Transactions of the CSAE), 2018, 34(3): 273-278.(InChinese withEnglish abstract)

2. LU Zhongshan, ZHANG Nan, DU Shiwei, LI Yinian, CHEN Yulun*, Fuzzy optimization of spray chilling parameters of pig carcass[J]. Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2017,40(4): 750-757. (InChinese withEnglish abstract)

3. ZHANG Nan,DU Shi-wei,CHEN Yu-lun,LI Chun-bao,LI Yi-nian,ZHOU Guang-hong*.Difference of effects of environmental humidifier and spray-chilling on weight-loss of pig carcasses in cooling process[J]. Science and Technology of Food Industry, 2017, 38(3): 322 -325.(InChinese withEnglish abstract)

4. Zhang Nan, Lu Zhongshan, Chen Yulun, Sun Chenyang, Li Chunbao, Zhou Guanghong. Spray chilling with different frequency period for reducing weight loss and improving surface color of pig carcass[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (Transactions of the CSAE), 2017, 33(12): 301-307. (in Chinese with English abstract)

5. ZHANG Nan, ZHUANG Xinbo, HUANG Zixin, et al. Change in water mobility in pork during postmortem chilling analyzed by low-field nuclear magnetic resonance[J].Food Science, 2017, 38(11): 103-109. (in Chinese with English abstract)

6. Chen Yulun, Zhao Sanqin, Qiu Wei, Gu Jiabing, Ding Weimin , Li Yinian, Xia Limin.Comparison Analysis on Testing Methods of Rice Moisture Content by Using Whole and Ground Grain[J]. Journal of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association,2015, 30(6): 130-133. (in Chinese with English abstract)

7. Yulun Chen*, Wei Qiu, Weimin Ding, Yinian Li, Yutao Liu. Design and Test on Sowing Device of the Multi-functional Machine for Rice-wheat Cyclic Planting[J]. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2015, 7(6): 428-434.

8. Yulun Chen*, Wei Qiu, Weimin Ding, Yinian Li, Yutao Liu.Improvement and test on ditcher chain transmission system of the machine for rice-wheat cyclic planting[J]. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014, 644-650: 853 -857.

9. Yulun Chen*, Wei Qiu, Weimin Ding, Yinian Li, Yutao Liu.Parameters Optimization of Ditcher Chain Transmission System of Muti-Functional Machine[J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2014, 1030-1032: 1224-1228.

10. Chen Yulun, Ding Weiming*,Fang Zhichao, He Chunxia. Improved design of straw-cuttingtype threshing mechanism of full-feeding combine harvester[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2013, 29(24):11-16. (InChinese withEnglish abstract)

11. Chen Yulun, Ding Weiming*,Fang Zhichao, He Chunxia. Soil dispersing performance research of ditcher and reflector of machine with combinative harvesting and no-till planting[J]. Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2013, 36(6):135-140. (InChinese withEnglish abstract)

12. Chen Yulun, Ding Weiming*,Yang Hongtu, Ding Qishuo, Wang Xiaochan. Design and experiment of combine harvester with function of stalk discharging ditch[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2012,43(S): 73-78. (InChinese withEnglish abstract)

13. Chen Yulun, Ding Weiming*, Yao Lijian, Ding Qishuo, Yang Hongtu, Wang Xiaochan.Research on power consumption of ditcher device of harvest ditch and stalk disposing machine[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2010,32(2): 101–104.(InChinese withEnglish abstract)

14. Chen Yulun, Ding Weiming*, Wang Xiaocha, Yang Hongtu.Design of harvest ditch and stalk-disposing machine[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2009,40(8): 62-66.(InChinese withEnglish abstract)

15. Chen Yulun, Ding Weiming*. Parameter optimization for elevating device of disc ditcher by means of Matlab[J].Journal of Gansu Agricultural University,2008, 43(2): 139-142.(InChinese withEnglish abstract)

16. Yang Hongtu, Ding Weiming*, Chen Yulun, Ding Qishuo, Wang Xiaochan, Kuai Jie, Wang Jianjun.Improved design of rice and wheat combined harvester with ditching and grass-filling[J]. Journal of North west A & F University( Nat. Sci. Ed. ), 2010, 38(9): 161-166.(InChinese withEnglish abstract)

17. Yao Lijian,Ding Weiming*, Chen Yulun, Zhao Sanqin. Obstacle Avoidance Path Planning of Eggplant Harvesting Robot Manipulator[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2008, 39(11): 94-98.(InChinese withEnglish abstract)

Authorized patents

1. A threshing device for full-feeding combine harvester,ZL20013101657459 (invention patent,the first inventor);

2. An adjustable device with dibbling or drilling function for drill or fertilization,ZL2012101816037 (invention patent,the first inventor);

3.A multi-functional machine with harvesting and straw and stubble disposing into fertilizer function for rice and wheat,ZL2014100112967 (invention patent,the second inventor);

4. A multi-functional machine with harvesting ditching spraying and stalk-disposing function[P], 2009100225679.9 (invention patent,the second inventor);

5. A harvester with no-till planting function[P], 201320477285.9 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

6. A reciprocating cutting device for combine harvester[P], 201220449265.6 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

7.Atrough conveyor for full-feeding combine harvester[P], 201320364349.4 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

8.A threshing device for full-feeding combine harvester[P], 201320243395.9 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

9. An adjustable device with dibbling or drilling function for drill or fertilization[P],201220260764.0 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

10. A ditching device with function of dispersing soil lateral[P],ZL201420561854.2 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

11. An opener for no-tillage direct seeding[P],ZL201520326363.4 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

12. A ditching device with function of dispersing soil to both sides[P],ZL201420835689.5 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

13. Machine with rotary tillage ridging fertilization and precise seeding function for facilities agriculture[P],ZL201520820156.4 (utility-model patent, the first inventor);

14. Software used for controlling the spray chilling process of pig carcass,2016SR104562 (Software copyright,the first inventor).


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