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Xiangze Lin

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Teaching staff/Personal information


Xiangze Lin






Electrical Engineering


Ph. D.





Unit address

NO.40, Dianjiangtai Road, Pukou District, Nanjing

Post code


Research field

(1)Advanced control theory and its applications in agriculturalrobot; (2)Real time location and orientation control of agricultural mobile platform; (3) Research on automatic image acquisition, recognition of rice planthopper based on artificial intelligence; (4) Cooperative control of multi robots.

Social appointments

IEEE Member;

Member of Jiangsu Automation Society;

Member of the Robot Competition Committee of the 4th Jiangsu Automation Society;

Reviewer of peer reviewed magazines, such as Automatica,International Agricultural Engineering Journal

Research projects

1. Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.61773216) (PI)

2. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province of China (Grant No. BK20171386) (PI)

3.Introduced Talent Research Start-up Fund, College of Engineering,Nanjing Agricultural University (RCQD06-03) (PI)

4.Research Start-up Fund, College of Engineering,Nanjing Agricultural University andthe Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Bureau (gxz08008) (PI)

5.Youth Science and Technology Innovation Fund,Nanjing Agricultural University (KJ09029) (PI)

6.China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Funds Project(2013M531372) (PI)

7.Jiangsu PostdoctoralResearchGrants Program, (1301118C) (PI)

8.TheFundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(KYZ201559) (PI)

9.Natural Science Foundation of China (60504007) (FirstParticipant)

10. NationalHighTechnologyResearch andDevelopment plan (863 plan) (2008AA10Z226) (MainParticipant)

11.JiangsuProvinceScience andTechnologySupportProgram (BE2011336) (FirstParticipant)

Academic achievements

Academic achievements in recent 5 years are as follows:

Papers: SCI 18, EI 11, and ESI highly cited papers 2;

Patents:Authorized patents 2.

Reward & honor

Awards in the past 5 years are as follows:

Excellent teaching quality assessment (3 times)

Excellent annual assessment (2 times)

Outstanding teachers of CollegeofEngineering,NJAU(2 times)

Excellent tutors of undergraduate thesis (4 times)

First prizeofChina RobocupRobotCompetition (7 items)

First prizeof National University Student "Fei Si Carle" cup smart car competition (2 times)

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