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Li Hua

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Li Hua



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Unit address

40#Dianjiangtai RD

,Nanjing,Jiangsu Province,China

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Research   field

Modern Design Theory and Methodology of Agricultural   Machinery;

Technology and Equipment of Biomass conversion

Social appointments

Consultant of the Ministry of Agriculture   Engineering Construction Center; Executive Director China Persimmon   Industry Collaborative Innovation Community; Vice Chairman of energy research   association of Jiangsu Province; Managing director of association of farm   machinery safety in Jiangsu Province; Senior Member of China Computer Federation;   Senior Member of China Agricultural Engineering Society; ASABE member;

ACM member.

Research projects

1.Nanjing Agricultural   University-Xinjiang Agricultural University Joint Funding ProjectKYYJ201804:Study on technology of   cotton stalk microwave cracking coke production(2018.09-2020.09)

2.Three new projects of   agricultural machinery in Jiangsu Provinceintegration   and application of rural waste treatment mechanization technology(2018.05-2019.06)

3.National KeyR&D   Program of China: Vegetable Intelligent Fine Production Technology and    Equipment R & D(2017YFD0701300-02)

4.Key technology research and   industrialization of bio-organic fertilizer fermentation efficiency in   Jiangsu ProvinceSZ-YC2017002

5.Tthe Prospective    Study of Industry  University  Research in Jiangsu    Province: Key technology of rice straw  conversion  to feed   by biology and physics method    (BY2016077-01)

6.Key  Laboratory of modern agricultural equipment   in the Ministry of Agriculture: the Research on Simulation Modeling Technology of Combined   Harvesting and Ejection Based on Discrete Element Method201602004

7.The new agricultural   project in Jiangsu Province: Research  of rice straw biological   feed(SXGC[2016]313)

8.Biomass conversion and Process Integration   Engineering Laboratory of Jiangsu  Province: Microwave pyrolysis of rice   straw: the  optimum process of  gas and carbon   yield(JPELBCP12015002)

9.Enterprise commissioned   project: Research on efficient utilization of rice straw feed (2015.12-2017.12)

10.National  Natural Science Foundation Youth   Project: The study on the working principle  and design method of rice   harvest sorting system51305182

11.Jiangsu  Agricultural Mechanization   Foundation: the design and development of a light  and simple type of   combine-harvestergxy14001

12.Key Laboratory of modern agricultural   equipment in the Ministry of Agriculture:  the research on the harvest   and cleaning separation of high wet rice(201303003)

13.Key Projects of Independent   Innovation of Basic Scientific Research Business Fees of Central   Universities: Technology and Parameter Optimization of Steam Blasting   Treatment of Straw Feedkyz201126

14.Three Agricultural Projects in Jiangsu Province:   Mechanization of Rice HarvestingNJ2013-36

15.National Natural Science Fund Youth Project:   Research on the Space-Time Evolution Simulation and Planning Support System   of Port Logistics Network2013.3-2013.12

16.Project commissioned by the Ministry of   Agriculture: Research on the standard system of modern agricultural   engineering construction2009.3-2010.3

17.Science and Technology Support Project of Jiangsu   Province: Study on Efficient Utilization of Crop Straw FeedstockBE2010356

18.Three Agricultural Projects in Jiangsu Province:   Technology and Parameter Optimization of Steam Blasting for Straw FeedNJ2010-42

19.Jiangsu Science and Technology Support Program:   Development and Development of Key Technology Equipment for Rape   TransplantingBE2006302

20.Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province:   Research on Drying Mechanism and Dry Product Quality of Fruit Heat PumpBK2002112

21.Research Fund of Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery   Bureau: Three-dimensional driving curved sieve screening device and screening   performance researchGXZ05017

22.Youth Science and Technology Innovation Fund of   Nanjing Agricultural University: Data Model Research and Database System   Design of Agricultural Machinery Statistical Index SystemKJ03012

Academic achievements

Selected published papers:

1.Li X, Li K, Li H*, et al. White   Poplar Microwave Pyrolysis: Heating Rate and Optimization of Biochar Yield.   Bioresource, 2018,13(1):1107-1121.SCI

2.Yuan J, Wu C, Li H*, et al.   Movement rules and screening characteristics of rice-threshed mixture   separation through a cylinder sieve. Computers and Electronics in   Agriculture, 2018,154:320-329.SCI

3.Wang J, Wu C, Li H*, et al.   Simulation of threshed rice mixture separation on a vibration sieve.   International Agricultural Engineering Journal, 2018,27(3):61-68.EI

4.Wang Y, Xian J, Tao L, Li H*,et   al. Straw compression model for a straw baler machine. International   Agricultural Engineering Journal, 2018,27(4).EI

5.Shi X, Wu C, Li H*, et al.   Screening Characteristics and Paramenter Optimization of Threshed Rape   Mixture Separation through a Cylindrical Sieve. International Agricultural   Engineering Journal, 2018,27(4).EI

6.Xiaohua W, Kunquan L, Hua L, et al.   Research on Chinas rural household energy consumption Household investigation of   typical counties in 8 economic zones[J]. Renewable and Sustainable Energy   Reviews. 2017, 68, Part 1: 28-32.SCI

7.Li H, Qian Y, Cao P, et al.   Calculation method of surface shape feature of rice seed based on point   cloud[J]. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 2017, 142: 416-423.SCI

8.Li X, Li K, Geng C, Li H* ,et   al. An economic analysis of rice straw microwave pyrolysis for hydrogen-rich   fuel gas[J]. RSC Advances. 2017(7): 53396-53400.SCI

9.Li H, Wang J, Yuan J, et al.   Analysis of threshed rice mixture separation through vibration screen using   discrete element method[J]. Internatinal Journal of Agricultural and   Biological Engineering. 2017, 10(6): 231-239.EI

10.Li Hua,Wang Jingshuang,Qian   Youzhang,Xiong Min,Yin Wenqing,Wang Zhiming. Parameters optimization and   separation performance of cylinder screen of combine harvester[J].International   Agricultural Engineering Journal.2016,25(4)131-138 .EI

11.Li H, Li X, Liu L, et al.   Experimental study of microwave-assisted pyrolysis of rice straw for hydrogen   production[J]. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2016, 41(4):   2263-2267. SCI 

12.Hua Li,Xu-Hui Li,Le   Liu,Kun-Quan Li,Xiao-Hua Wang.Pyrolysis Characteristics and Kenetics of   Phoenix Tree Residues[J].Journal of Chemists &Chemical Engineers of   Croatia,2015,64(9-10):473-480. EI

13.Hua Li,Huan Wang,Wenqin   Yin*,Yongwei Li,Yan Qian ,Fei Hu.Development of A Remote Monitoring System   for Henhouse Environment Based on IoT Technology[J].Future   Internet,2015(7):329-341. EI

14.Li, B., Chen, K., Gao, X., Zhao, C.,   Shao, Q., Sun, Q., Li, H., 2014. The use of steam explosion to   increase the nutrition available from rice straw[J]. Biotechnol Appl Biochem.,2014.SCI

15.Li, Hua ; Yin, Wenqing ; Qi, Xindan..Design   of Compressor Displacement Testing System for Air- conditioner,IEEE Computer 2009(11).EI

16.Li, H (Li, Hua); Gong, HJ (Gong, Hongju);   Yin, WQ (Yin, Wenqing).Design of Simulation Strategy  for    Corn  Cleaning  on  Discrete  Element Method .Computer   and computing technology in agricultural II. 1( 293): 603-611 2009.ISTP

17.Li, Hua ; Yin, Wenqing ; Qi, Xindan. The   design of farm machinery statistics management system based on network. .2008   International Seminar on Business and Information Management, ISBIM 2008.EI

18.Xu, Dahua ; Li, Hua. Intelligent   greenhouse control-system based on agent. International Conference on   Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation, ICICTA 2008.EI

19.Yuan Jianbo ; Wu Chongyou; Li Hua.   Determination and Analysis of Two Kinds of Threshed Rice Physical Properties   in South China[J].Agricultural Mechanization Research,2018(02):154-159.(In Chinese)

20.Hu Tong ; QI Xindan; LI Hua*. Application   Status and Research Progress of Vegetable Seeder in China and Foreign Countries[J].Acta   Agriculturae Jiangxi,2018(02):87-92. (In Chinese)21.Shi Xinxn; Wu Chongyou; Li Hua.   Measurement and Analysis of Physical Mechanical Properties and Aerodynamic   Characteristics of Harvesting Extractions from Two Rape Varieties[J]. Acta Agriculturae   Jiangxi,2018(06):104-108. (In Chinese)

22.Li Hua;   Zhang Yunliang; Liu Xiaoguang.Analysis of the published papers from the world   class agricultural engineering discipline of the American universities: Take   five universities in the America as an example[J].Journal of Chinese   Agricultural Mechanization,2018(09):95-99. (In Chinese)

23.XIAO Xingxing;   LI Hua; WU Chongyou. Motion analysis on two early-rice varieties   screened in a cylindrical sieve by means of the DEM-CFD methods[J].Journal of   Mechanical Design,2018(10):32-37. (In Chinese)

24.MEI   Zhanjian; LI Hua;  QI Xindan. Analysis of Mechanical Properties   of Sandy Soil[J].Journal of Shenyang Agricultural University,2018(05):605-612.   (In Chinese)

25.YUAN Jianbo;   LI Hua; WU Chongyou*. Study on apace particle modeling of rice grain basis   on the discrete element method[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2018,41(6):1151-1158.   (In Chinese)

26.Wang Huan; LI   Hua; YIN Wenqing*. Remote monitoring system for henhouse environment   based on wireless transmission[J]. Journal of Nanjing Agricultural   University,2016391):175-182. (In Chinese)

27.Xiao Xingxing; Li Hua; Qi Xindan. Modal   and Transient Analysis of Threshing Cylinder Based on ANSYS   Workbench[J].Agricultural Mechanization Research.2016(08): 46-50. (In Chinese)

28.Wang   Zhiming; Lü Pengmin; Chen Ni; Li Hua.   Design and Experiment on Axial-flow Differential-speed   Threshing-Separating-Cleaning Unit[J].Journal of Agricultural Machinery,2016(12):   53-61. (In Chinese)

29.Kang   Jianbin; LI Hua; MIAO Peiren1*. Improving and optimizing steam   explosion processing technology of rice straw as feed[J].Journal of Nanjing   Agricultural University,2015382):345-349. (In Chinese)

30.Hu Yan; YIN Wen-qing* ; LI Hua. The design   of crop straw carbonization furnace and its control system[J].Acta   Agriculturae Zhejiangensis2015(01): 110-116. (In Chinese)

31.Li Hua;  Qian Yan;    Yin Wenqing.Design and optimization of a small plane vibration screening   device[J].Chinese journal of applied mechanics,2014(02): 294-298. (In Chinese)

32.Liu Le; Ling Xiaoyan; Li Hua.Development   research of bioenergy[J].Journal of Chinese Agricultural Mechanization,2014(05):   195-199. (In   Chinese)

33.LI Bin; GAO Xiang; SUN Qian; LI Hua.   Research on steam explosion processing of rice straw feed[J].Journal of   Nanjing Agricultural University,2013(04): 127-132. (In Chinese)

34.CAI Ting ting; WANG Shengcai; LI Hua*.   Determination and Analysis of Physical Parameters of Threshed Rape[J].Acta   Agriculturae Jiangxi,2013(07): 105-107. (In Chinese)

35.Li Hua; Zhang Meina; Yin Wenqing.   Optimization of Airflow Field on Air-and-screen Cleaning Device Based on   CFD[J]. Journal of Agricultural Machinery,2013(S2): 12-16. (In Chinese)

36.LI Hua; YIN Wenqing* ; HE Wenlong.   Simulation and test of the airflow field on the plane vibrating   sieve[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2013(06): 141-146. (In Chinese)

37.Jiang Wenrong1,; Li Hua; He Wenlong.   Research Progress of Biomass Briquette Fuel Combustion   Characteristics[J].Chinese Agricultural Mechanization,2012(06): 187-190. (In Chinese)

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41.Li Hua.   Design of Grain Cleaning Simulation Scheme Based on DEM[C].Daqing,   Heilongjiang, China:2007. (In Chinese)

42.Li Hua;   Yin Wenqing. Study on dried experiment of persimmon heat pump and its dry model[J].Science   and Technology of Food I ndustry. 2007(07): 57-59.

43.Li Hua;   Qi Xin-dan; Yin Wenqing. Realization of farm machinery statistics management   system based on web database[J].Computer Engineering and Design.2007(20):   5009-5011. (In   Chinese)

44.Li Hua;   Yin Wenqing. Design of Student Integrated Management System Based on WEB   Database[J].Science and education.2007(11): 59. (In Chinese)

45.Li Hua;   Cao Fang; Yin Wenqing. Evaluation and Analysis of Agricultural Mechanization   Development in Jiangsu Province[C].Beijing China:2006(In Chinese)

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51.Li Hua;   Qi Xindan; Yin Wenqing. Agricultural enterprise telecommunication integrated   business management system[J].Agricultural Mechanization Research. 2000(04):   48-51. (In   Chinese)





1.       Li Hua,  Li   Kunquan,  Li Xuhui.  A method for co-production of rice straw stalk   microwave cracking gas.  ZL201510666605.9

2.       Li Hua,  Yin   Wenqing. Xian Jieyu.  A lightweight and simple harvester.   ZL201510495320

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24.    Li Hua,  Yin Wenqing,  Gao   Xiang.  Agricultural Machinery Online Statistical Management System   V1.0.  2005SR09543



Reward & honor


Outstanding employee of Nanjing Agricultural University   in 2013-2015



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