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Sun Guoxiang

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Sun Guoxiang




Associate Professor


Electrical Engineering





sguoxiang@njau.edu.cn sguoxiang@foxmail.com

Unit address

40 Dianjiangtai Rd., Pukou District, Nanjing, China

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Research field

Computer vision, High-throughput plant phenotyping,

Orchard information detection



Research projects

1. National Key R&D Program of China (Sub-project 1):Modern Orchard canopy, flower and fruit information detection and intelligent Control System (Grants No 2017YFD0701401-1,2017.07.01-2020.12.31,1.05 million yuan,PI);

2. The Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province:The facility crop information measuring and diagnosis system based on multispectral space carving technology (Grants No BK201707027,2017.07.01-2020.06.30,200,000 yuan,PI);

3. The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities:Vehicle-mounted measurement system for the greenhouse plant phenotyping (Grants No KYGX201703,2017.01.01-2019.12.31,500,000 yuan,PI );

4.Jiangsu province agricultural science and technology innovation fund:Key technology and equipmentfor facilities vegetable production-Portable mobile soil steam sterilization machine developed (Grants NoCX(16)1002,2016.06.01-2019.05.30,200,000 yuan,PI);

5. Youth fund ofNanjing agricultural university:Research on characteristics of droplet deposition based onCFD discrete phase model particle tracking (Grants NoKJ2011022,2011.09.01-2013.08.30,40,000 yuan,PI);

6. The Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province:Research oninformation monitoring and diagnosis systemofgreenhouse crop based on machine vision and chlorophyll fluorescence technology (Grants NoBK20150686,2015.07.01-2018.06.30,200,000 yuan,4/6);

7. Nationalscience and technology support project:Clean and efficient production ofhorticultural facilities equipment development and industrialization demonstration (Grants No2014BAD08B04,2014.01.01-2016.12.31,180,000 yuan,2/8);

8.National Natural Science Foundation of China:Research on the multi-scale greenhouse environmental control system based on crop information fusion (Grants No61273227,2013.01.01-2016.12.31,800,000 yuan,5/10 );

9. National science and technology support project:Research andexperiment demonstration of the fertilizer equipmentbased onsoil testing and fertilizer recommendation (Grants No2013BAD08B04-8,2013.01.01-2017.12.31,500,000 yuan,4/8 );

10.Jiangsu province science and technology support project:Thegreenhouse crop growth parameters monitoring and the development of intelligent control system based on ZigBee and FPGA (Grants NoBE2011336,2011.09.01-2013.12.31,400,000 yuan,5/13);

Academic achievements

Major papers:

[1]Sun G X,Wang X C*,Ding Y Q,LiY H,Zhang B H,Li Y B,Zhang Y.Image compression algorithm of floral canopy based on mask hybrid coding for ROI[J].Int J Agric & Biol Eng,2017,10(5):166-176.

[2]Sun G X,Li Y B,Wang X C*,Hu G Y,Wang X,Zhang Y.Image segmentation algorithm for greenhouse cucumber canopy under various natural lighting conditions[J].Int J Agric & Biol Eng,2016,9(3):130-138.

[3]Guoxiang Sun,Yongbo Li,Yu Zhang,Xiaochan Wang*,et al.Nondestructive measurement method for greenhouse cucumber parameters based on machine vision[J].Engineering in Agriculture,Environment and Food,2016,9(1):70-78.

[4]Guoxiang Sun,Xue Li,Xiaochan Wang*,et al.Design and testing of a nutrient mixing machine for greenhouse fertigation[J].Engineering in Agriculture,Environment and Food,2015,8(2):114-121.

[5]Guoxiang SUN,Huan ZHANG,Yongqian DING*,Zhenlin QU,Weiping BI, Hua LI.Method of Measuring the Spectral Reflectance of Crop Canopy Based on Three-Dimensional Structural Analysis[C].The 5th IFAC Conference on Sensing,Control and Automation for Agriculture,2016.8.14-2016.8.17.

[6]Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan*,Yan Tingting,et al.Inversion method of flora growth parameters based on machine vision[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2014,30(20):187-195.Doi:10.3969/j.issn.1002-6819.2014.20.023

[7]Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan*,Ding Weimin,et al.Simulation analysis on characteristics of droplet deposition base on CFD discrete phase model[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2012,28(6):13-19.

[8]Sun Guoxiang,Li Yongbo,Wang Xiaochan*,et al.CFD simulation and experiment of distribution characteristics for droplet of knapsack sprayer[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2012,28(20):73-79.

[9]Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan*,He Guomin.Segmentation algorithm of overlapping tomato seedling leaves based on edge chaincode information [J].Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2010,26(12):206-211.

[10]Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan*,He Guomin.Design of the End-effector for Plug Seedlings Transplanter and Analysis on Virtual Prototype[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2010,41(10):48-53.

[11]Sun Guoxiang,Yan Tingting,Wang Xiaochan*,et al.A method of cucumber transpiration rate forecast based on wavelet transform and dynamic neural network[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2014,37(5):143-152.DOI:10.7685/j.issn.1000-2030.2014.05.023

[12]Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan*,Li Yongbo,et al.Effect of summer spray on the greenhouse environment and crop physiological parameters[J].Journal of Yangzhou University (Agricultural and Life Science Edition),2014,35(3):69-74.

[13]Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan*,Li Yongbo,et al.Eevapotranspiration Characteristics for Soilless Culture Tomato in Greenhouse under Different Time Scales[J].Journal of Irrigation and Drainage,2015,34(3):6-10.

[14]Sun Guoxiang,Li Yongbo,Wang Xiaochan*,et al.Water-saving Irrigation Model Based on the Information of Crop Physiological for the Summer Greenhouse Cucumber[J].Journal of Irrigation and Drainage,2014,33(2):1-5.

[15]Sun Guoxiang,Chen Man,Wang Xiaochan*,et al.Review on key technology of Variable Rate Fertilization Machinery[J].Jiangsu Agricultural Sciences,2014,42(2):333-339.

[16]Sun Guoxiang,Ding Yongqian*.Object Tracing of Soccer Robot Based on Fuzzy Algorithm[J].COMPUTER SIMULATION,2009,26(3):165-168.

[17]Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan*.Measurement of nursery-leaf area based on imagery processing[J].COMPUTER ENGINEERING AND APPLICATIONS,2009,45(36):232-234.

[18] Li Yongbo,Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan.Temperature Field-Wind Velocity Field Optimum Control of Greenhouse Environment Based on CFD Model[J].Mathematical Problems in Engineering,2014,1-9.

[19]Li Yongbo,Sun Guoxiang,Wang Xiaochan,et al.Development of state space model based on sap flow-leaf temperature (SF-LT) data for cultivation of cucumber in greenhouse during summer[J].RESEARCH ON CROPS,2013,14(3):882-889.

[20]Li Yongbo,Sun Guoxiang,Lou Enping,et al.Multi-index GA Optimal Control of Greenhouse Temperature Based on CFD Model[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2013,44(3):186-191.DOI:10.6041/j.issn.1000-1298.2013.03.034

[21]Zhang Yu,Wang Xiaochan*,Sun Guoxiang,et al.Leaves and Stems Measurement of Plants Based on Laser Vision in Greenhouses [J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2014,45(9):254-259. DOI:10.6041/j.issn.1000-1298.2014.09.041

[22] Zhang Yu,Wang Xiaochan*,Sun Guoxiang,et al.Prediction of cayenne pepper plant height based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition and Elman neural network[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2015,31(18):169-174.

[23]Wang Xiaochan,Chen Man,Sun Guoxiang,et al.Design and test of control system on variable fertilizer applicator for winter wheat[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,2015,31(Z2):88-92.DOI:10.11975/j.issn.1002-6819.2015.z2.013

[24]Guoming He,Xiaochan Wang*,Guoxiang Sun.Design of a greenhouse humiture monitoring system based on zigbee wireless sensor networks[C].5th International Conference on Frontier of Computer Science and Technology,FCST 2010,p361-365,August 18,2010-August 22,2010,Changchun,China.

[25]Chen Man,Shi Yinyan,Wang Xiaochan*,Sun Guoxiang,et al.Design and Experiment of Variable Rate Fertilizer Applicator Based on Crop Canopy Spectral Reflectance[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2015,46(5):26-32.

[26]Chen Man,Shi Yinyan,Wang Xiaochan*,Sun Guoxiang,et al.Expert Decision System of Precision Fertilizer for Winter Wheat[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2015,46(7):17-22.

[27]Chen Man,Lu Wei,Wang Xiaochan*,Sun Guoxiang,et al.Design and Experiment of Optimization Control System for Variable Fertilization in Winter Wheat Field Based on Fuzzy PID[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,2016,47(2):71-76.

[28] Xue Li,Wei Lu,Guyue Hu,Xiaochan Wang*,Yu Zhang,Guoxiang Sun,Zhichao Fang.Effects of light-emitting diode supplementary lighting on the winter growth of greenhouse plants in the Yangtze River Delta of China[J].Botanical Studies,2016,57(2):1-8.

[29] Gisele KuRA,Cedric OKINDA,Haitao LIU,Yizhuo JIANG,Guoxiang SUN,Yongqian DING.Modified Conventional RGB Camera in Obtaining NDVI Spectral Bands at Ground Level Crop Canopy[J].International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering,2018,8(3):1-6.

Invention patent

1. Fruit tree imitating precision spraying locomotive,The patent number:ZL200910312649.6,Inventor:Wang Xiaochan,Sun Guoxiang,Ding Weimin,Fu Ximin.

2. Insect pest situation detecting device and insect pest situation early-warning system based on touch disturbing signals,The patent number:ZL201210349569.X,Inventor:Wang Xiaochan,Sun Guoxiang,Li Yongbo,Ding Weimin,Liu Deying,Gui Qifa.

3. High-efficiency accurate mixing method of fertilized groundwater on the basis of soilless culture fertilized groundwater irrigation system,The patent number:ZL201410203507.7,Inventor:Wang Xiaochan,Sun Guoxiang,Li Yongbo,Chen Man,Di Jiao,Yan Tingting,Chen Jingbo.

4. Multi-scale greenhouse environment control system based on crop information fusion,The patent number:ZL201210191223.1,Inventor:Wang Xiaochan,Li Yongbo,Sun Guoxiang,Gui Qifa,Lou Enping.


1.2016,Technology Invention Award by the Ministry of Education(The secondprize):The key technology and equipment based on IoT forprotectedhorticulture environment control;(3/6)

2. 2016,Jiangsu agricultural science prize (The secondprize):The key technology and equipment based on IoT for facility agriculture environment control;(3/10)

3. 2016,The science and technology award of jiangsu agricultural machinery and industry (The first prize):Theiotkey technology and equipment created for facility agriculture;(3/10)

4. 2011,Excellent MA thesis ofjiangsu province:Automatic plug seedlings transplanting robot based on machine vision,the author of thesis:SunGuoxiang,Guide teacher:Wang Xiaochan.

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