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Luo Hui

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Teaching staff/ Personal information


Luo Hui




Associate professor


Department of Electrical Engineering







Unit address

Num.40, DanjiangtaiRoad,Pukou district,Nanjing

Post code


Research field

Non-destructive testing of agricultural products based on terahertz spectrum and agricultural big data detection



Research projects

(1) 2017-2019, Seed health detection based on terahertz spectrum and machine vision, Key fundamentalresearchfunds for thecentraluniversities, 150 thousand yuan.

(2) (2) 2015-2017, Research on arbitrary fault location and identification method of analog electronic system by non-deterministic signal testing,National youth natural science foundation of China,260 thousand yuan.

(3) (3) 2013-2015, Analog circuit fault diagnosis research based on dynamic feedback neural network and BayesKFCM,Fundamentalresearchfunds for thecentraluniversities, 50 thousand yuan.

(4) (4) 2010-2011, Intelligent fault diagnosis theory and key technology researchfor avionics, Graduate student scientific research innovation projects inJiangsu province, 50 thousand yuan.

Academic achievements

[1]Hui Luo*, Wei Lu,Youren Wang, Ling Wang, A New Test Point Selection Method for Analog Continuous Parameter Fault, Journal of Electronic Testing-Theory and Applications, 2017 33(3): 339-352.(SCI)

[2]Hui Luo*,Wei Lu,Youren Wang,Xianlin Zhao,A novel approach for analog fault diagnosis based on stochastic signal analysis and improved GHMM, Measurment, 81, pp:26-35,2016.(SCI)

[3]Hui Luo*, YourenWang, Jiang Cui, A SVDD approach of fuzzy classification for analog circuitfault diagnosis with FWT as preprocessor, Expert Systems with Applications,38(8), pp: 10554-10561, 2011.(SCI)

[4] Hui Luo*, YourenWang, Jiang Cui, A vague decision method for analog circuit fault diagnosis basedon description sphere. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 24(6), pp: 768-776, 2011.(SCI)

[5]Hui Luo*, YourenWang, Hua Lin,Yuanyuan Jiang, Module level fault diagnosis for analogcircuit based on system identification and genetic algorithm. Measurement, 45(4),pp:769-777, 2012. (SCI)

[6] Hui Luo*, YourenWang, Hua Lin,Yuanyuan Jiang, A new optimal test node selection methodfor analog circuit. Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications,28(3), pp:279-290, 2012. (SCI )

[7]LUO Hui*, WANGYouren, Hua Lin, JIANG Yuanyuan. An information fusion feature preprocessorbased on FRFT for analog circuits fault diagnosis. IEEE 10th InternationalConference on Electronic Measurement & Instruments. Auq, pp:132-137, Chendu,China, 2011.


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