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Dong Jingcheng

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Jingcheng Dong







Department of Basic Courses


Ph. D.




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NO. 40. Dianjiangtai Road, Pukou district, Nanjing

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Reviewer for AMS (NO. 079233 )

Research projects

1. NSFCStructure  and classification of semisimple Hopf algebrasNO 11201231

2. China postdoctoral FundsClassification of solvable fusion categories and its  application in semisimple Hopf algebraNO2012M511163

3. Jiangsu postdoctoral Funds::Braided fusion categories and its applicationsNO1102041C

4. Fundamental Research Funds for the Central  UniversitiesMorita equivalence for fusion categories (NO.  KYZ201564)

Academic achievements

1.  Jingcheng Dong, Braided Zq-extensions of pointed fusion categories, Proceedings  of the American Mathematical Society 145(3): 995-1001, 2017.

2. Jingcheng  Dong, Libin Li, and Li Dai, Integral almost square-free modular categories, Journal  of Algebra and Its Applications 16(5): 1750104 .

3.Jingcheng Dong, Henry  Tucker, Integral modular categories of Frobenius-Perron dimension, Algebras  and Representation Theory, 19(1):  33-46, 2016.

4.Jingcheng Dong,Li Dai,  Existence of Tannakian subcategories and its alications, Communications in  Algebra, 44(4) : 1767-1782, 2016.

5.Li Dai, Jingcheng Dong  , On Kaplansky’s sixth conjecture, Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della  Università di  Padova135(1): 1-20, 2016.

6.Jingcheng Dong , Sonia  Natale, Leandro Vendramin, Frobenius property for fusion categories of small  integral dimension, Journal of Algebra and Its Applications, 14(2):  1550011,  17pages, 2015.

7.Jingcheng Dong, Li  Dai, Semisimple Hopf algebra of dimension , Mathematica Slovaca, 65(1): 53-62,  2015.

8.Li Dai, Jingcheng  Dong, On semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension, Canadian Mathematical  Bulletin, 57(2): 264-269, 2014.

9.Jingcheng Dong, Li  Dai, On integral fusion categories with low-dimensional simple objects,  Communications in Algebra, 42(11):  4955-4961, 2014.

10.Jingcheng Dong,  Huixiang Chen, Almost split sequences of the quantum double of a finite  group, Mathematical Notes, 95(3): 346-358, 2014.

11.Jingcheng Dong,  Huixiang Chen, The representations of quantum double of dihedral groups,  Algebra Colloquium, 20(1): 95-108, 2013.

12.Jingcheng Dong,  Shuanhong Wang, On semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension , Journal of  Algebra, 375(1)97-108, 2013.

13.Jingcheng Dong,  Structure theorems for semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension , Communications  in Algebra, 40(12): 4673-4678, 2012.

14.Jingcheng Dong,  Structure of semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension . Communications in  Algebra, 40(3): 795-806, 2012.

15.Jingcheng Dong, Li  Dai, Further results on semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension, Revista de la  Unión Matemática Argentina, 53(2): 97-112, 2012.

16. Jingcheng Dong  Grothendieck ring of quantum double of finite groups. Czechoslovak  Mathematical Journal, 60(135): 869-879, 2010.


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