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Kong Fanxia

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Teaching staff/Personal information 



KONG Fanxia






Basic Course  Department






Unit address

40 Dianjiangtai Road, Nanjing

Post code


Research  field

• ESP, Academic Writing,

• Teachers’ Professional Development

• Action Research

Social  appointments

Numbers of ESP Association & Jiangsu  Foreign Language Association

Research projects

Selected Funding:

• 2014-2015, Key Applied Research  Program in Social Sciences (Jiangsu Province). ‘ESP Course Design for College  English’ Grant No. 14jswy-02,


• 2011-2014, Science of Education in  the 12th Five-year Plan Program (Jiangsu Province). ‘Based on  Action Research: ESP Teachers Professional Development’. Grant No.  Y-b/2011/03.

• 2012-2014, Foreign Language  Education and Research Project (National Program). ‘Action Research on ESP  Teachers Professional Development’. Grant No. Su-026-B.


• 2012-2013, Nanjing Agricultural  University. ‘Based on Needs Analysis: College English Teaching Reform’. Grant  No. 2013Y054.


•2010-2011, Key Research Program in  Social Sciences (Jiangsu Province). ‘A Research on Hierarchical Teaching  Method and Validity in College English’. Grant No. 3606.


Academic achievements

Research Papers:


Selected Outputs:

•  Kong Fanxia and Wang xin. (2014) ‘The Effect of Task Mode and Type On  Learner’s Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition’. Foreign Language 6 (6), 21-29

•  Kong Fanxia. (2014) ‘DMIS and Cross-culture Conflict Resolution’. Journal of Qinghai   Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 12 (6),  164-168+196

•  Kong Fanxia. (2014) ‘Inspiration from Accreditation of EAP Teachers  Competency in Britain’. China Agricultural Education 12 (1), 81-86

•  Kong Fanxia. (2012) ‘Double S Cube of Organizational Culture in Cross-Culture  Communication’. Journal of Qinghai Normal University (Philosophy and Social  Sciences Edition) 12 (6), 142-145

•  Kong Fanxia. (2012) ‘The Study of Implicit and Explicit Learning on the EGP  and ESP’. Modern Educational Technology12(3), 74-78

•  Kong Fanxia. (2012) ‘An Application of SSM on EAP Course Design’. Foreign  Language Research 6(6), 59-64

•  Kong Fanxia. (2012) ‘Based on Needs Analysis: EAP Course Development &  Design’. China Agricultural Education 6(6), 67-70

•  Kong Fanxia. (2012) ‘EAP Program Assessment Based on CIPP’ 8. Journal of Qinghai Normal   University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 12 (6), 144-148 




• Module Leader: Academic Writing  (Postgraduate)

•  Module Leader: English for Science and Technology(Postgraduate)

•  Module Leader: Mandarin for Overseas Students (Postgraduate)




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