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Associate Professor


Basic CoursesDepartment






Unit address

40 Dianjiangtai Road, Nanjing

Post code


Research field

Theoretical physics; Nondestructive testing of agricultural products

Social appointments


Research projects

1. The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central University of China:Theresearch on detection of contaminantswith low visibility on poultry carcass surfacebased on hyperspectraltechnology(KYZ201665)

2. College level teaching reform project:The construction of a mixed type teaching mode under the background of big data: from the perspective ofMOOC(2015Y054)

3. 2017 Mixed Teaching Model Reform Project: Constructionofmixed teaching modefor physics IA. Item Number: GH201706

Academic achievements

1.Wei Wu, Gui-yun Chen, Ming-qing Wu, Zhen-wei Yu, and Kun-jie Chen, "Detection of diluted contaminants on chicken carcasses using a two-dimensional scatter plot based on a two-dimensional hyperspectral correlation spectrum," Appl. Opt. 56, D72-D78 (2017)( Sci)

2.Wu W, Chen G Y, Kang R, et al. Successive Projections Algorithm–Multivariable Linear Regression Classifier for the Detection of Contaminants on Chicken Carcasses in Hyperspectral Images[J]. Journal of Applied Spectroscopy, 2017, 84(3):535-541.(Sci)

3. Wu Wei, Chen G Y, Xia J C, et al. A Dual-Band Algorithm to Detect Contaminants with Low Visibility on Chicken Carcass Surface[J]. Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2014, 34(12):3363-3367.

4.Wu Wei, Wu Mingqing, Chen Guiyun, et al. Continuous Projection of Diluted Contaminants on Chicken Carcass-Multiple Linear Regression-Subject Character Analysis[J]. FOOD SCIENCE, 2017, 38(24), 247-252.(EI)

5.WU Wei, WU Mingqing, CHEN Guiyun, et al. Successive projections algorithm-multiple linear regression-receiver operating characteristic analysis for diluted contaminant identification on chicken carcasses[J]. Food Science, 2017, 38(24):247-252.

Reward & honor

1. In 2007,shewon the second prize of provincial teaching competition held by Jiangsu Physical Association.

2. In 2007,shewon the second prize of the 3rd Young Teachers' Teaching Competition of the College of Engineering

3. In 2007,shewon the first prize of the basic course teaching plan evaluation activity

4. In 2010,shewon the Outstanding Teacher Award of the "Nanjing Agricultural University Institute of Technology Greater China Scholarship" for the 2009-2010 school year.

5.She participatedthe experimental teaching project in 2011andwon the second prize of school-level teaching achievements.

6. In 2017,she won the “Excellent Teacher” Award from the College of Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University in 2016-2017

7. In 2017,shewon the first prize of the Nanjing Agricultural University micro-class competition

8.She is the winner of the Institute of Technology Micro Lessons Competition in 2017

9. In 2017,she won the honor of Union activist activist from theBasic CoursesDepartment.

10.In2018,she won the honor ofExcellent Communist Party member of the NJAU

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